The Mitochondrial Summit
LIVE December 9-15, 2019
The Mitochondrial Summit
Start your journey today
to enjoy a healthier tomorrow
Start your journey today to enjoy a healthier tomorrow
Optimized Health Products
Optimized Health Products
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Health journeys are a gift.
Unwrap yours today.

The path to wellness may seem long and winding. And sometimes you might feel stuck. We've walked this journey ourselves and mapped out a route to make it simpler for you. We believe your journey is a gift, and we're so glad to share it with you.

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How It All Began

I’m Dr. Todd Watts, DC, PScD. Just like many of you reading this, I grew up with many health challenges. As I learned how to overcome them, I was inspired to help others navigate their health journey.

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The Mitochondrial Summit

Poorly functioning mitochondria could lead to fatigue and chronic illness — which could be the reason you get chronically sick (and stay that way!). It’s vital to support your mitochondria.

Your mitochondria convert nutrients from cells into energy, giving them the ability to carry out various functions, like growth, metabolism and cellular reproduction. When is the last time you paid attention to your mitochondrial health?

In high school science class we learned that the mitochondria are the “powerhouse of the cell,” but it’s much more complex than that. Truth is, the majority of us are walking around with less than ideal mitochondrial health, leading to fatigue and chronic illness.


Stories of Hope
on the Journey to Health

In this episode, we ventured to Washington, D.C., to catch up with the incredible Holly Bertone. She’s a wellness warrior who runs Currently, she’s working to raise the government’s awareness of autoimmune challenges in the workplace.

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One Protocol Away

You could be just one protocol away from the optimal health you desire. Our Detox Starter Protocol consists of four distinct 1-month phases. It includes all the products you’ll need to peel back the layers of everyday toxicity that can limit you on your health journey.

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Detox is a journey, not an event. Having a good guide helps you know what to expect and how to navigate the road successfully.

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