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Your Not Alone


Throughout this journey, we have found so many people that have been struggling for so long that their struggle has literally become their identity. It has become such a blocker that they can no longer live the lives they want. But that stops today, because this is not the life we want for YOU.

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I am Dr. Todd Watts, D.C., PSc.D. and I, just like many of you reading this, grew up with many health issues. These issues are what led me on this path to help those, like me, who need to be able to function correctly.

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Microbe Formulas

Our Mission

At Microbe Formulas, we live by this simple standard: Creating supplements that work is what we do. Restoring hope and health is who we are.

We stand for hope.

You need to know that there is hope on your journey to health.

We stand for change.

As you trust in the protocol, changes in your life and health will come.

We stand for happiness.

Lasting happiness comes when you can enjoy a healthy, productive life.

We stand for true detox.

TrueDetox is when your body has the energy to function as designed.

The Truth is in the Detox

What exactly is true detox? Simply put, a detox is a process in which a person makes lifestyle changes to cleanse their body and increase energy. In order to help with this, we offer four simple phases:

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The Truth is in the Detox


Drainage is the process the body undergoes when it’s trying to clear things out.

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Immune Support

Immune Support is focused on helping you get the bigger bugs out of your system.

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Detox is designed to rid the body of everything unhealthy and restore energy.

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Keep progressing forward and discover your optimal level of wellbeing.

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What People are Saying

Customer Testimonials

Is This the Right Detox for Me?

If you were to ask Dr. Todd if The 4 Step True Detox was right for you, he’d respond with his own question; “Do you have a pulse?”. Because to him, if you have a pulse, you should #truedetox.

Sore, Stiff, Achy Muscles

Excessive Fatigue or Trouble Sleeping

Poor Digestion or Occasional Constipation

Headaches or Brain Fog


So you’re ready to get started, and while adding The True Detox Protocol to your cart, you notice that it takes at least 120 days to complete. What?! Why so long?

It’s simple. It takes time, work, and, most of all, patience. True detoxing is a long and committed process, but just like anything else that requires effort, the results are significantly more rewarding.

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Rewrite your history. Take back your identity. Live life the way you want. Do what brings YOU joy.

Today is the day that you begin to write your very own #mydetoxjourney and we can’t wait to hear all about it.

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Start your journey today and take back your identity.

Dr. Todd Watts

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At Microbe Formulas, we live by this simple standard: Creating supplements that work is what we do. Restoring hope and health is who we are.

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