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This Will Make Your Head Spin! What Causes Vertigo and How to Address It
19 May 22

What Vertigo Is If you ever get a sense of dizziness or feel like you might lose your balance, you could be experiencing vertigo. But vertigo isn’t your usual dizziness — it comes with the sensatio...

What Happens in Vagus: How the Vagus Nerve Affects Your Health
07 May 22

What Is the Vagus Nerve? What we call the vagus nerve is actually a pair of nerves, one on the right and one on the left side of the body. The human body has 12 cranial nerve pairs, and the vagus n...

Word of Mouth: Biological Dentistry and What Your Mouth Is Really Telling You
08 Apr 22

Your mouth has a lot to say — and not just when it’s talking. Even if you’re not prone to witty banter or eloquent turn of phrase, your mouth still has some pretty insightful and rather amazing thi...

Why Heavy Metal Toxicity and Safety Is Misunderstood
24 Mar 22

Heavy metals are all around us, from the car you drive to the soil in which your food is grown. It’s normal to feel concerned about heavy metal toxicity, especially when it comes to your food, supp...

Breaking the Mold: Mold Toxicity Symptoms and Solutions
17 Mar 22

Those musty smells in your basement could point to a hidden culprit behind your chronic health problems: mold. Mold is a fungus found both outdoors and indoors. When certain types grow inside your ...

Head in the Clouds: What Brain Fog Is and How to Clear It
04 Mar 22

We’ve all had those moments. You can’t think of somebody’s name, you forget your point mid-sentence, or you can’t seem to recall what you ate for lunch yesterday. Maybe you can’t quite focus on wha...

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