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H. Pylori: Friend or Foe?
29 Jul 22

Helicobacter pylori bacteria, or just H. pylori for short, have made a reputation for themselves as a likely cause of stomach and intestinal ulcers. According to some research, H. pylori cause grea...

Your Complete Guide to Healthy Travel and Post-Vacation Recovery
15 Jul 22

Summer’s here, and for many, that means summer vacations. Around 80% of Americans likely will travel this summer — approximately 93 million will travel once, and 115 million will travel more than o...

When Good Bugs Go Bad: How Toxins and Terrain Are at the Root of Disease
30 Jun 22

Here at Microbe Formulas, we follow what’s called foundational medicine. We look at the very foundation of your health and wellness — which, in this case, is your body. As with anything, you need a...

13 Health Benefits of Getting in Touch with Nature
17 Jun 22

Do you consider yourself a nature buff? Do you instinctively seek out green spaces and have a “Sounds of Babbling Brooks” playlist on repeat in your car? Are you more sand and sunset than sidewalk?...

Why Detox Matters for Metabolism and Weight Loss
02 Jun 22

Do you want to be slimmer for summer? You may have your reasons for trying to shed a few pounds. Maybe you want to fit into that dress for a summer wedding. Perhaps you’re planning to hit the beach...

This Will Make Your Head Spin! What Causes Vertigo and How to Address It
19 May 22

What Vertigo Is If you ever get a sense of dizziness or feel like you might lose your balance, you could be experiencing vertigo. But vertigo isn’t your usual dizziness — it comes with the sensatio...

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