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Strategies to Reduce Skin Issues During Detox

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain why good drainage is essential to minimize toxin symptoms in the skin. Key supplements include BioActive Carbon Foundation and TUDCA Plus.  

Foundation skin

Power Tools to Kill Tapeworm and Lyme Cysts

Dr. Todd Watts discusses the challenges of killing tapeworm cysts, as well as cysts of Lyme bacteria. He suggests checking into microcurrent and Rife therapy to outwit the cysts. 

Lyme parasites

Coffee Enemas When You Lack a Gallbladder

Dr. Jay discusses the benefits of coffee enemas when you've had your gallbladder removed. Dr. Todd adds that TUDCA Plus — a water-soluble bile acid — supports liver health.    

coffee enema gallbladder TUDCA Plus

Top Supplements for Mold and MARCoNS

Dr. Todd Watts discusses supplements to help with mold toxicity and MARCoNS infections. Topping the list are BioActive Carbon BioTox, BioActive Carbon Minerals, and TUDCA Plus.

BioActive Carbon BioTox BioActive Carbon Minerals mold TUDCA Plus

Keeping a Positive Mindset in Your Health Journey

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay give tips to beat emotional stress and take complete ownership of your healing journey. They also advise giving your health top priority and taking action now.


Getting Rid of Parasites in Your Brain

Dr. Todd Watts explains that brain symptoms can result from parasites in your brain and gut, so systemic cleansing helps the brain. Sleep is essential for brain drainage via your lymph.  

lymph parasite

Mold Detox Strategies for Sensitive People

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay give tips for taking mold detox supplements when you're super-sensitive. Remember: The number one strategy is to make sure you're in a low-mold environment.

BioActive Carbon BioTox MitoRestore mold TUDCA Plus

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