Troubleshooting Dizziness with Exercise

Dr. Todd explains that getting light-headed with exercise can be related to insufficient calorie intake. A blood test to check creatinine and lactic acid dehydrogenase (LDH) can help determine if you're breaking down muscle or building it.

Diet exercise

Hidden Benefits of Owning a Dog

Dr. Jay shares a study showing that owning a dog is linked to longevity. Dr. Todd notes that caring for a dog gives you a sense of accountability and can nudge you to get some physical activity alongside your pet.


The Many Signs of Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd share a long list of signs and symptoms that suggest your mitochondria aren't working well. A few examples are low body temperature, brain fog, chronic fatigue, and low libido.

brain fog chronic fatigue

Similarity Between STDs and Other Infections

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd note that both the syphilis bacteria and the Lyme bacteria are spirochetes, meaning spiral-shaped. Other microbes that cause STDs are also similar to infectious agents involved in complex chronic illness.


Role of Parasite Cleanses in Cancer and Chronic Infection

Dr. Todd Watts explains how helminth (parasitic worm) infections can reactivate latent herpes viruses and shift the immune system to promote chronic infections and cancer. So, a diligent effort in clearing parasites is needed.

cancer parasite cleanse

Troubleshooting Difficulty with Sulfur Vegetables

Dr. Todd Watts explains that problems processing sulfur from vegetables may be due to a deficiency of molybdenum. Parasites and yeast use up this mineral in your body.


Benefits of Infrared Sauna in Detox

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that toxins — including asbestos and heavy metals — have been found in sweat induced by infrared sauna. But, there isn't evidence that it kills parasites directly.

detox heavy metals parasites

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