3 Stages of the Healing Cycle

Dr. Jay walks trough the healing cycle and what issues may be linked with each stage. He finishes with how your body may become stronger because of hormesis.

cell danger response healing cycle mitochondria

Disrupted Cell Communication

Dr. Jay says cell communication is blocked in chronic disease and the "healing cycle" can't be completed. He outlines what may happen in the body at different ages if it is blocked.

cell danger response chronic illness healing cycle mitochondria

Hormones and Mitochondria

Dr. Jay explains how mitochondrial function is related to all hormone production. He adds how adrenal fatigue isn't real, it's actually mitochondrial dysfunction.

adrenal fatigue cell danger response chronic illness hormones

How Many Mitochondria Do You Have?

Dr. Jay crunches the numbers on how many mitochondria are in the body. The number is staggering.


Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Low Blood Flow

Dr. Jay shows the order in which your body shuts systems down during cell danger response. He also explains how POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) may be related.

chronic fatigue mitochondria mitochondrial dysfunction POTS

Polyvagal Theory

Dr. Jay outlines the polyvagal theory. He says in order to be well, you want to be in ventral mode.

mitochondria polyvagal theory

Powerplant or Battleship Mode?

Dr. Jay explains the 2 different "modes" of mitochondria. He adds that ATP molecules are either used as energy or to trigger the Cell Danger Response.

cell danger response immune system mitochondria

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