Signs of Good Bile Flow

Dr. Todd suggests examining how you respond to fats or if you are constipated to determine bile flow. Dr. Jay says how "reactive" you are to protocol could also be an indicator.

bile flow gallbladder liver

Lab Changes After the Protocol

Dr. Todd shares the lab results of a client before and after a year on the protocol. The difference is astounding.

infections lab results mold

Binders and the 4-4-4

Dr. Jay says it isn't necessary to take binders with the 4-4-4 protocol. He adds that it can help push people past health journey hurdles.

444 Kidney & Liver Lymph support TUDCA Plus

Adapting To Current Health Hazards

Dr. Todd says you need to strengthen your body, not worry about exposures. Dr. Jay adds to have the wisdom to know the difference.

cellular stress viruses

Why Microbe Formulas Products Are Different

Dr. Jay explains their approach is about delivery and absorption. Dr. Todd adds they are always searching for improvements.

BioActive Carbon

What Is the 4-4-4 Protocol?

Dr. Jay describes the 4-4-4 protocol and what people experience with it. He says it may really increase bile flow and help with liver issues.

444 Kidney & Liver Lymph support TUDCA Plus

What If You Feel Stuck In Your Health Journey?

Dr. Todd suggests to push ahead if you feel stuck. Dr. Jay says you can either take a break or dose high to bust through a barrier you’ve encountered.

Formula 2 health journey stuck

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