• Potential Causes of Muscle Tics

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Dr. Todd discusses possible causes of facial and other muscle tics, such as high ammonia levels, parasites, and Lyme disease. Dr. Jay says low magnesium status could also play a role.


Work on Your Emotional and Spiritual Health

Dr. Todd shares how he developed his "warrior" mindset to overcome his issues. Dr. Jay adds you need to be open to growth.

Threadworms (Strongyloides)

Dr. Todd explains the life-cycle of strongyloides type parasites. He stresses you need to be consistent to get rid of them.

Formula 1 Formula 2 Strongyloides

How Do I Know When I’m Rid of Parasites?

Dr. Todd says you may never be rid of all parasites. But you can lower them to the point they are not affecting you.

parasites terrain toxins

Core Values

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd run through the core values that govern their lives and their company.

When Others Don’t Understand

Dr. Heather empathizes with the comment chronically ill people often receive -- "but you look fine." She stresses to never give up.

health journey

The Meaning Behind IG Antibodies

Dr. Jay explains how there has been a shift in how IG results are interpreted. Dr. Todd adds we don't really know what they mean.

Retracing Symptoms

Dr. Jay says you may have to gear up for an increase of symptoms for a bit during retracing. Your body may be clearing out old issues and toxins.

herxing retracing

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