• Supplements to Support Addiction Recovery

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Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd discuss supplements to support addiction recovery, including from alcohol and tobacco products. The Detox Starter Protocol and MetChem are supportive of these detox efforts.

Women’s Cycle Changes on the Protocol

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay explain that women's cycles can fluctuate a lot during detox protocols but tend to normalize or improve in the end. Parasites are sometimes involved in female challenges.   

detox parasites women's health

Who Needs to Do Phase 5?

If you're wondering if you can skip Phase 5, note that Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay says it's wise to be proactive. Infections you're not aware of can surface when you're under physical or emotional stress.  

Detox Starter Protocol Phase 5

When to Take Immune BORR and BART

Dr. Jay says you can take Immune BORR and BART at the same time or 10 minutes apart. Taking them on an empty stomach, such as 20 minutes before a meal, is ideal but not required. The main thing is to just take them.

Immune BART Immune BORR

Phase 5 of the Protocol: Deeper Immune Support

For the first time, Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd provide an in-depth look at Phase 5 of the Detox Starter Protocol. Note that Phase 5 can be started at the same time as Phase 4. Get the details here.

Detox Starter Protocol Phase 5

By Definition, Parasites Are Bad

Dr. Todd says parasites are generally opportunistic and don't play a good role in your body. Dr. Jay adds that as you accumulate toxins, it creates an environment that attracts parasites.  

parasites toxins

Link Between Lyme Disease and Mitochondrial Function

Dr. Jay explains that your body can get stuck in cell danger response due to chronic infections like Lyme disease. Your mitochondria become tied up in triggering an immune response, and cellular energy levels drop.

cell danger response chronic infection mitochondria

Supporting Immune Defenses Seasonally

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay suggest products to support immune system function, detoxification, and cellular energy when seasonal viruses are circulating. 

detox mitochondria viruses

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