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Dr. Jay and Dr. Randy say that if you're in Phase 4 of the previous protocol and still having reactions, you can start over in Phase 1 of the newly updated Detox Starter Protocol. The new products added to the protocol could help in peeling away the layers behind health issues.



Sources of TUDCA: Synthetic or Animal?

Dr. Jay explains there is not a plant source of TUDCA for supplements. Animal sources of TUDCA are tainted with hormones, chemicals, and other unwanted elements from the animal. Our TUDCA is created in a lab (synthetic) to guarantee the purity and concentration.


Tips for Using TUDCA and Pairing It With Coffee Enemas

Dr. Jay discusses dosing of TUDCA Plus and how he pairs it with coffee enemas. To support the opening of the liver-bile duct before a coffee enema, you can take TUDCA Plus and Kidney & Liver Detox at least 30–45 minutes beforehand.

coffee enema Kidney & Liver Detox TUDCA Plus

Helpful Supplements When You Lack a Gallbladder

Dr. Jay explains that your gallbladder is like a storage sack and concentrates bile. If you've had your gallbladder removed, take 1 TUDCA Plus at the beginning of each meal to support digestion. Dr. Randy adds that people without a gallbladder seem more sensitive to TUDCA's effects. So, go cautiously with dosing.

gallbladder TUDCA Plus

Helping Tongue Fissures and Canker Sores

Dr. Randy says that changes in your tongue can be a sign of problems in your digestive system, including toxicity and leaky gut. And mouth sores could be due to parasites and viruses. Good liver health and drainage are important for addressing these issues.  

drainage Kidney & Liver Detox parasites toxicity viruses

The Docs' Tips on Formula 2 and BioMolecular Oxygen

Dr. Jay shares his experience of using Formula 2, using the guide of three weeks on and one week off. And Dr. Randy discusses using BioMolecular Oxygen as a sinus spray or sinus rinse. 

BioMolecular Oxygen brain Formula 2 mold mycotoxins

Mitochondria and the Cell Danger Response

Dr. Jay and Dr. Randy explain the cell danger response of the mitochondria. You may know mitochondria best as energy factories. But in illness, they switch to battleship mode to help you fight infections and toxins. The problem is, they may get stuck in this mode.

cell danger response mitochondria

Tips for Fitting Supplements Into Your Schedule

Dr. Jay and Dr. Randy say taking your supplements is more important than precise timing. The main thing is to take Mimosa Pudica Seed 60 minutes away from BioActive Carbon binders. You can take the BioActive Carbon binders with food.  

BioActive Carbon dietary supplements Mimosa Pudica

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