• Tips for Adding Products to Coffee Enemas

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Dr. Randy Michaux says to start slow when adding products such as BioActive Carbon Minerals and BioMolecular Oxygen to coffee enemas. Your body absorbs them readily.


UTIs Explained

Dr. Jay explains what a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is. He offers some strategies on how to address them.

fulvic acid Inflamma Calm parasites UTI

Testing For Bladder Issues

To determine whether bladder issues are from mold or parasites, Dr. Todd suggests getting some urine tests done.

mold parasites testing

Root Causes of UTIs

Dr. Todd says parasites and toxins may make you feel like you have a UTI. Dr. Jay stresses that specific chemicals may be an underlying cause.

BioActive Carbon Minerals Foundation glyphosate MetChem MitoRestore mold parasites pH toxins TUDCA UTI

Phase 5 Dosing

Dr. Jay suggests that the amount of immune support products you may need goes by symptoms. He also thinks certain formulas help in the spring and fall seasons.

Immune BAB Immune BART Immune BOOST Immune BORR Lyme disease

Interstitial Cystitis

Dr. Todd says many root causes could contribute to interstitial cystitis. Mold, toxins, and parasites are causes he has seen. 

interstitial cystitis mold parasites toxins

Changes in Soil pH

Tim discusses how soil pH has changed over the years. It is becoming “soap-like.”

acid glyphosate heavy metals pH

Conductivity of Products

Tim runs through the pH of several products. He explains why Mimosa Pudica may be a good item for addressing parasites.

BioTox conductivity electrons Formula 1 intestinal mover Lymph support Mimosa Pudica MitoRestore pH TUDCA

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