Addressing Low Blood Pressure Issues

Dr. Todd says you may want to examine whether medication is lowering blood pressure. He offers some ideas to boost blood pressure.

BioActive Carbon Minerals

Formula 2 in a Nasal Rinse

Dr. Todd says Formula 2 rinses can be helpful for sinus issues. He suggests going by symptoms when deciding how often to use the rinses.

Formula 2 nasal rinse sinuses

Long Term Use of Mimosa Pudica

Dr. Todd suggests it is safe to take small doses of Mimosa Pudica long term. It has multiple benefits.

mimosa pudica

Mimosa Pudica and the Gut Lining

Dr. Todd says he hasn’t seen intestinal integrity issues with Mimosa Pudica. But he has seen it from toxins.

mimosa pudica

Persistent Drainage Issues

Dr. Todd suggests to continue drainage support if needed. Dr. Jay says try the 4-4-4.

4-4-4 drainage mitochondria toxins TUDCA

What Causes Rage?

Dr. Todd thinks rage may be related to heavy metals. Don't cleanse too fast and support drainage.

autism heavy metals rage

Why Should You Do A Full Moon Challenge?

Dr. Jay says parasites get more active during a full moon. He adds that it's a great time to parasite cleanse.

full moon full moon challenge parasites

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