Turning Around Infertility

Jeff shares how Dr. Don Huber gave MetChem to a whole community that wasn’t having babies. They started to conceive in a few months. 

infertility MetChem

Toxins and Infertility

Dr. Jay and Jeff discuss how xenoestrogens and parasites are a factor in suppressing fertility. Jeff says it boils down to toxins in general. 

infertility parasites toxins

Strategies For Addressing Infertility

Dr. Jay and Jeff offer some suggestions on how to support fertility. They mention protecting your DNA.

infertility MetChem minerals TUDCA

Removing Glyphosate From Tissues

Jeff explains that free floating glyphosate may be removed by MetChem fairly quickly. Removing it from tissues takes much longer. 

glyphosate MetChem

PCOS and Parasites

Dr. Jay says parasites like the reproductive organs. Jeff offers ideas that could help the issue. 

MetChem parasites PCOS TUDCA

Mimosa Pudica and Fertility

Dr. Jay shares a story disputing the myth that Mimosa Pudica seed contributes to infertility. Jeff adds that it’s good for your gut microbes. 

infertility Mimosa Pudica

Heavy Periods, Anemia, and Toxins

Jeff says glyphosate may chelate out iron and cause issues. He suggests MetChem to help.

anemia glyphosate minerals

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