When to Tackle Lyme and Bartonella

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd say that Phase 5 of the Roadmap to Health is when you address deeper chronic infections like Bartonella and Lyme bacteria. You may tackle them on alternative days if you're sensitive.

Bartonella Lyme Roadmap to Health

Addressing Radioactive Elements

Dr. Todd says a chronically low white blood cell count can be a sign of radioactive element toxicity. Dr. Jay adds that radioactive elements can interfere with healing from chronic infections. Support your body with iodine and other minerals, as well as BioActive Carbon.  

BioActive Carbon iodine minerals radioactive elements

Detox Starter Protocol for the Super Sensitive

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that being super sensitive can be a sign your drainage isn't working well. You can address constipation with intestinal-moving herbs. Plus, tackle sluggish bile flow with TUDCA.

constipation Detox Starter Protocol TUDCA

Reasons for Symptoms During Detox

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that side effects during detox vary according to your toxin load and bandwidth to clear them. As your body takes on new processes, it may need some time to adapt.


Long-Term Use of BioActive Carbon Binders

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that you don't have to cycle on and off BioActive Carbon binders. This is because they include restorative mechanisms. They nourish good gut bacteria and support tissue healing.  

binders BioActive Carbon microbiome

Taking Supplements During Pregnancy

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay discuss how to approach taking supplements during pregnancy. Certain nutrients, such as iodine, support healthy brain development of your baby.  

iodine supplements

Knowing When to Advance to Phase 2

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that it's OK to advance to Phase 2 if you're doing well in Phase 1, despite only pooping once a day. Sometimes it's difficult to get your bowels moving optimally until Phase 2 of the Detox Starter Protocol.

constipation Detox Starter Protocol

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