Are Vaccines Related to Autism, PANS, PANDAS

Dr. Jaban says many factors can contribute to a child's health issues. Toxins of all kinds can burden their bodies.


When Is It Time For Phase 4?

Dr. Todd describes where he'd like to see someone be at before phase 4. He says try a Full Moon Challenge first.

Formula 2 full moon challenge Phase 4

What Helps Good Gut Bacteria?

Dr. Todd says plucking out the toxins in the gut is vital for the good gut bacteria to thrive. Dr. Jay says BioActive Carbon helps feed them.

microbiome probiotics

Nebulizing Oxygen

Dr. Todd describes how he nebulizes the oxygen. He breathes through his nose or moth depending on what his focus is.

BioMolecular Oxygen

Nausea During Detox

Dr. Todd says pulling out toxins may cause symptoms such as nausea. He offers ideas to combat it.

BioTox detox Formula 2 nausea TUDCA Plus

Hydration Issues

Dr. Todd suggests electrolytes for hydration issues. Dr. Jay says kidney dysfunction may be a factor.

hydration water

Estrogen and Cancer

Dr. Todd says mitochondrial dysfunction may contribute to estrogen dominance. That could play a role in some cancers.

cancer estrogen

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