Your Thinking Affects Your Health

Sara explains that thoughts create chemical reactions in your body that affect your health. Dr. Jay encourages us to rise above polarity.

emotions feelings mindset thinking

Changes in Soil pH

Tim discusses how soil pH has changed over the years. It is becoming “soap-like.”

acid glyphosate heavy metals pH

Conductivity of Products

Tim runs through the pH of several products. He explains why Mimosa Pudica may be a good item for addressing parasites.

BioTox conductivity electrons Formula 1 intestinal mover Lymph support Mimosa Pudica MitoRestore pH TUDCA

Different ph Levels In the Body

Tim shows different pH levels in the human digestive tract. He said to eat a variety of foods so that the pH doesn’t alter in a negative way.

acid diet digestion pH

Is Alkaline Water Healthy

Dr. Jay says he does not support long term use of alkaline water. Tim adds that if salt water were healthy we could drink ocean water.

BioActive Carbon Minerals hydration MitoRestore water

Lower pH and Heavy Metals

Tim shares studies that suggest heavy metals may be more easily displaced at a lower pH.

heavy metal detox heavy metal toxicity heavy metals pH

Mainstream Thoughts on pH

Tim explains why the alkaline diet idea may be false. Dr. Jay adds the high pH in other binders reduces their effectiveness.

activated charcoal alkaline conductivity detox diet electrons pH

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