What If You Feel Stuck In Your Health Journey?

Dr. Todd suggests to push ahead if you feel stuck. Dr. Jay says you can either take a break or dose high to bust through a barrier you’ve encountered.

Formula 2 health journey stuck

Vacation Essentials

Dr. Todd says enjoy your vacation and take some core supplements. He shares some ways he’s used them with his family.

3 Amigos binders BioActive Carbon Minerals BioMolecular Oxygen MitoRestore

Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

Dr. Todd shares his “go-to” supplements when eating out or traveling.

BioActive Carbon Minerals MetChem MitoRestore

The 3 Amigos and Air Travel

Dr. Jay describes his favorite combination to help support the boost during air travel. He says it helps him feel energized rather than depleted.

3 Amigos BioActive Carbon Minerals BioMolecular Oxygen MitoRestore

Issues With Alcohol Tinctures

Dr. Todd shares a tip he’s found for people having issues with alcohol based supplements. MetChem May help.

alcohol MetChem tincture

Issues With a Product in Your Phase

Dr. Todd says you may want to circle back to a product if it’s an issue. Or, he suggests high doses to “get over the hump.”


Getting Off Track With Your Diet

Dr. Todd says the best time to start something is right now. He adds that it’s not about perfection.

diet nutrition

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