Is Keto the Best Diet?

Dr. Todd dives into energy production and why keto may not be best for everyone. He emphasizes to get enough calories and remove toxins so your mitochondria can function at their best.

diet energy Keto mitochondria

Raising Energy to Support Health

Dr. Randy explains the need to raise cellular energy during detox. Dr. Todd notes that increasing cellular energy was key in his recovery from Lyme disease.

detox energy Lyme mitochondria

Sauna Use and the Protocol

Dr. Randy discusses how to add saunas to your detox protocol. He also summarizes how to time supplements in conjunction with sauna use to maximize their effectiveness.

binders detox minerals MitoRestore sauna toxins

Wellness Is More Than Your Physical Body

Dr. Randy explains what he focuses on when he has gone through hard times. Dr. Todd dives into the journey that led him to where he is today and says finding your purpose is part of your health journey.

healing journey

Women’s Cycle Changes on the Protocol

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay explain that women's cycles can fluctuate a lot during detox protocols but tend to normalize or improve in the end. Parasites are sometimes involved in female challenges.   

detox parasites women's health

Who Needs to Do Phase 5?

If you're wondering if you can skip Phase 5, note that Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay says it's wise to be proactive. Infections you're not aware of can surface when you're under physical or emotional stress.  

Detox Starter Protocol Phase 5

When to Take Immune BORR and BART

Dr. Jay says you can take Immune BORR and BART at the same time or 10 minutes apart. Taking them on an empty stomach, such as 20 minutes before a meal, is ideal but not required. The main thing is to just take them.

Immune BART Immune BORR

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