Can a Recovering Alcoholic Take the Products?

Dr. Todd says the products may help detoxify the body from the negative effect of alcohol. Dr. Jay suggests ways to support the process of recovery.

BioTox detox Kidney & Liver MitoRestore TUDCA Plus

Lungs and Drainage

Dr. Jay explains how lung issues can relate back to a backed up drainage funnel. Dr. Todd adds how he has seen parasites, bacteria, or mold be a root cause of lung issues.

BioMolecular Oxygen drainage Formula 2 lungs mold parasites

Internal Mold Spores

Dr. Todd suggests that if your mold tests come back low, mold levels may still be too high. He offers suggestions to help combat mold in the body.

BioTox mold mycotoxins

TUDCA vs Ox Bile

Dr. Jay says that TUDCA Plus can replace an ox bile supplement. He suggests taking it with any major meal, especially if you are missing your gallbladder.

digestion gallbladder TUDCA Plus

Ozone and Parasites

Dr. Jay suggests that ozone isn't very effective against parasites. Dr. Todd says he used ozone in the past but got better results with fulvics and herbs.

fulvic acid herbs parasites

Addressing Epstein Barr Virus

Dr. Todd offers suggestions on what he uses to address Epstein Barr Virus. He emphasizes to enhance your mitochondrial function and parasite cleanse to combat viruses in general.

Detox Starter Protocol EBV Epstein-Barr Virus fulvic acid MitoRestore parasites

One Product May Replace 7

Dr. Todd shares how one well-formulated product may do the work of seven. Dr. Jay says that may save money in the long run.

Inflamma Calm methylation optimize TUDCA

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