Critter Sightings During Phase 3

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd answer the ever-popular question: Will I see critters in Phase 3? You might. But remember, 70% are microscopic and not visible to the naked eye.

Phase 3

Sore Muscles, Headaches, and Dark Urine in Phase 2

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay troubleshoot possible reasons for symptoms in Phase 2. Sore muscles and headaches may be caused by viruses or parasites. Dark urine may be simply due to the detox process.

Phase 2

Water Retention and Weight Gain on the Protocol

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd discuss factors that can contribute to water retention and weight gain during detox. Kidney and lymphatic function, as well as hormones, could be involved.

Detox Starter Protocol kidneys lymphatic system weight

Troubleshooting Root Causes of Urinary Retention

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay say parasites can cause urinary retention (incomplete bladder emptying). Toxins such as glyphosate and mycotoxins may also play a role. They discuss ways to help resolve this.

glyphosate mycotoxins parasites

Phase 2 of the Protocol: Gut & Immune Support

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd discuss what you need to know about Phase 2 of the Detox Starter Protocol. That includes products, dosing (including for sensitive types), and the link between your gut and immune system.

Detox Starter Protocol gut health immune system Phase 2

How to Know When to Advance to Phase 2

Dr. Todd clarifies that if you're moving your bowels at least once a day, it's likely fine to move on to Phase 2. Your drainage pathways may not completely open up in Phase 1.

constipation Detox Starter Protocol Phase 2

Hair Changes and Mimosa Pudica Seed

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay discuss Mimosa Pudica Seed dosing, including typical and maximum doses. Long-term use of very high doses (20–30 capsules per day) may contribute to some temporary hair loss.

hair loss mimosa pudica seed

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