Using Oxygen in a Nasal Rinse

Dr. Randy suggests using BioMolecular Oxygen as a nasal rinse. It could produce a burning sensation, especially when you first try it. But mold-sensitive clients have reported decreased sensitivity to odors. It may support brain alertness and drainage of mold toxins.

BioMolecular Oxygen mold mycotoxins oxygen

Parasite Defense for Liver and Gallbladder

Dr. Jay and Dr. Randy discuss ways to guard your liver and gallbladder against parasites. To support your defenses and drainage, consider Formula 2, BioMolecular Oxygen, Kidney & Liver Detox, and TUDCA Plus. Also, try TUDCA 30–60 minutes before a coffee enema.

BioMolecular Oxygen coffee enema Formula 2 gallbladder Kidney & Liver Detox liver parasite TUDCA Plus

Passing Parasites Between Family Members

As Dr. Randy says in this video clip, parasites are "the gift that keeps on giving." You can catch them from animals, such as by living on a farm. And you can catch parasites from other family members. If they're not doing a full detox protocol, ask them to take anti-parasitic herbs later in your protocol.


Removing Mold on Your Possessions

Dr. Jay and Dr. Randy say mold can be removed from some things, such as by fogging them. But it's best to get rid of anything porous. Hire someone to scan and digitize photo albums. Don't contaminate a new place with mycotoxins carried on your items.

mold mycotoxins

Switching From Previous Detox Starter Protocol to New

Dr. Jay and Dr. Randy say that if you're in Phase 4 of the previous protocol and still having reactions, you can start over in Phase 1 of the newly updated Detox Starter Protocol. The new products added to the protocol could help in peeling away the layers behind health issues.    

BioMolecular Oxygen Detox Starter Protocol Formula 2

Your Roadmap to Health

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that regardless of your diagnosis, you should follow the Roadmap to Health. They walk through the new roadmap to guide your healing journey through complex, chronic illness. It simplifies the path to wellness. You can do it!  

chronic illness Detox Starter Protocol Roadmap to Health

How Your Drainage Funnel Works

As Dr. Jay says, "Drainage is underappreciated." He and Dr. Todd discuss how your drainage funnel works. They also explain that if your bile isn't draining well, an "emergency hatch" opens and damaging toxins are pushed into your bloodstream.

drainage lymphatic poop

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