Blood Pressure Spikes With Coffee Enemas

Dr. Randy suggests that coffee enemas may release toxin the could provoke high blood pressure. He says you may need to add liver support beforehand.

blood pressure coffee enema Kidney & Liver TUDCA

Supporting Viral Issues in Phase 3

Dr. Randy suggests that you may require extra support in Phase 3. He offers ideas on what lab work could show the need for additional supplementation.

Epstein-Barr Virus Phase 3 viruses

Does the Protocol Help With Cholesterol?

Dr. Randy discusses how the protocol may help lower inflammation, which may help lower cholesterol. He also dives into what could raise triglycerides.

cholesterol inflammation protocol

Why Start Slow With BioActive Carbons?

Dr. Randy explains how the BioActive Carbons are high in energy and may work faster than your body can handle. He says you may have to support the process.

BioActive Carbon binders BioActive Carbon Minerals headache herxing MetChem MitoRestore

Be Patient With Yourself

Dr. Randy points out that you shouldn't judge yourself on your healing journey. Gather what you learned from your experiences and move on.

healing journey kindness

Should You Advance Into Phase 3 If You Are Still Seeing Parasites?

Dr. Randy suggests staying in phase 2 for a while longer if you are still seeing results. He adds you may want to incorporate parts of phase 3 with caution.

joint pain parasites Phase 2 Phase 3

Oily Forehead and Liver Enzymes

Dr. Randy discusses how you may still have liver congestion with "normal" liver enzyme levels. He outlines ways to support liver function.

Kidney & Liver Detox liver Liver Cleanse TUDCA

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