Great Ways to Use Liquid Supplements Topically

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay share examples of using BioMolecular Oxygen, MitoRestore, and BioActive Carbon Minerals topically. Uses include burns, tight muscles, eczema, and scars.

BioActive Carbon Minerals BioMolecular Oxygen MitoRestore skin

Concerns About Over-Supplementing Minerals

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain the difference between plant-based minerals and those in a typical multivitamin/mineral supplement. They also give tips for dosing when you're sensitive.

BioActive Carbon Minerals minerals multiple chemical sensitivity

Link Between Weight Gain and Toxicity

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that as your body mobilizes toxins, it can add water weight. Support drainage with TUDCA and herbs that aid lymphatic, kidney, and liver detox. Mold exposure may also trigger weight gain.

kidney detox liver detox lymphatic detox mold weight

Supporting Healing After Skin Cancer Removal

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay discuss that stabilized molecular oxygen supplements applied topically may support skin healing after cancer removal. Topical mitochondrial support supplements may also help.

cancer skin

Coping With Irritability During Parasite Detox

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay explain that parasite detox can be an emotional process. To help manage these symptoms, follow the Detox Starter Protocol. BioActive Carbon binders that support toxin removal and supplements that support drainage are helpful.

Detox Starter Protocol drainage emotional side effects parasite detox

Reasons for Dry, Peeling Lips During Detox

Dr. Todd says blotchy, peeling lips may be a detox side effect, so you need to take supplements to bind toxins. Also, chronic hives may be due to parasites. From an Ayurvedic standpoint, dry skin may be due to excess spicy and raw foods.

parasite detox skin

Troubleshooting Feeling Sick the Day After Intercourse

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay say toxins and parasites in the pelvic area may be activated by intercourse. You can also stir up emotions and transmit parasitic infections sexually. Detox may help overcome these challenges.

detox emotional challenges

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