Next Steps After a 4-Month Protocol

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay recommend that after you complete the protocol, go back and work on areas where you feel you need more help. Also note that some toxins, such as heavy metals and radioactive elements, take longer to eliminate.

Detox Starter Protocol heavy metals radioactive elements

Getting to the Root Cause of Insomnia

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay discuss some of the culprits behind insomnia. Examples are parasites, kidney and liver stress, copper toxicity, neurotransmitter imbalance, mold, blue light, and more.  

Kidney & Liver mold parasites

Addressing Air Hunger After Eating

Dr. Todd explains that air hunger (difficulty breathing) after eating may signal a parasite problem. BioActive Carbon BioTox may help with this problem. Dr. Jay adds a tip on abdominal massage.

BioActive Carbon BioTox food sensitivities parasites

Link Between Detox and Hot Flashes

Dr. Todd explains that when TUDCA helps liver detox, it may result in hormone shifts. Dr. Jay adds that symptoms can spike when you're detoxing mold while still living in a moldy house.

hormones mold TUDCA

Troubleshooting Slow Detox from Candida and Parasites

Dr. Todd gives the "rule of thumb" that it takes a year of healing for each year you've been infected with parasites. Dr. Jay mentions that radioactive elements take longer to detox and play a role in Candida.

candida cleanse parasite cleanse

Supplement Support for Digesting Raw Foods

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay discuss factors that can impair your digestion, including parasites and poor bile flow. They also talk about how TUDCA and enzymes support digestion.

digestion parasites TUDCA

Concerns About Supplementing Iodine

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain the difference between plant-derived iodine supplements versus typical iodine supplements. They also discuss the pros and cons of iodine deficiency testing.

BioActive Carbon Minerals iodine

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