Addressing Epstein Barr Virus

Dr. Todd offers suggestions on what he uses to address Epstein Barr Virus. He emphasizes to enhance your mitochondrial function and parasite cleanse to combat viruses in general.

Detox Starter Protocol Epstein-Barr Virus fulvic acid MitoRestore parasites

One Product May Replace 7

Dr. Todd shares how one well-formulated product may do the work of seven. Dr. Jay says that may save money in the long run.

Inflamma Calm methylation optimize TUDCA

What Do I Do After the Protocol?

Dr. Jay describes the "optimize" phase. Dr. Todd adds how this phase is designed to keep your health moving forward.

BioActive Carbon Minerals Foundation MitoRestore optimize TUDCA

Fulvic Acid May Act Like Keys

Dr. Jay explains how fulvic acid is like having a tetratrillion keys to unlock proper processes in your body. Jeff adds how fulvic acid goes into a cell to improve its functioning without damaging the cell wall.

BioActive Carbon fulvic acid immune system viruses

Using BioTox In a Neti Pot For Mold Issues

Dr. Randy outlines how often to use nasal rinses fro mold symptoms and says you could try BioTox as a rinse. He adds to still be diligent in making sure your other drainage pathways are open.

BioTox mold nasal rinse oxygen

Blood Pressure Spikes With Coffee Enemas

Dr. Randy suggests that coffee enemas may release toxin the could provoke high blood pressure. He says you may need to add liver support beforehand.

blood pressure coffee enema Kidney & Liver TUDCA

Supporting Viral Issues in Phase 3

Dr. Randy suggests that you may require extra support in Phase 3. He offers ideas on what lab work could show the need for additional supplementation.

Epstein-Barr Virus Phase 3 viruses

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