Sluggish Lymphatics

Dr. Todd offers some suggestions as to what causes "heavy legs." He shares what he took to combat the issue.

Potential Signs of Sluggish Lymphatics

Dr. Jay shares some ways you can have a sluggish lymph system. Puffiness could be your first clue.


Pain From Mold Toxicity

Dr. Todd suggests that pain is not from mold exposure alone. He says that's why the protocol was developed.

Babesia mold pain parasites

Lower pH Gives More Potential Energy

Dr. Todd explains how low pH has the potential for more energy. He shares why our alkaline paradigm needs to change.

alkaline energy pH

Herxing From the 4-4-4 Protocol

Dr. Jay explains that the 4-4-4 could cause herxing because it's moving toxins that have never been addressed. He suggests to lower the dose and add binders.


Addressing Imaging Contrast Exposure

Dr. Todd shares that he's seen people's gadolinium levels reduced to zero with BioActive Carbon minerals and MetChem. Dr. Jay adds the iodine and MitoRestore may be helpful as well.

BioActive Carbon Minerals gadolinium MetChem

Mimosa Pudica Experiment

The Docs show a video of Tim performing an experiment under a powerful microscope. He demonstrates how Microbe Formula's Mimosa Pudica seed is different.

mimosa pudica

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