Do Anti-Parasitic Herbs Kill Good Gut Bacteria?

Dr. Todd says constipation may be due to factors other than microbiome changes. Regardless, it's a good idea to eat fermented foods. Dr. Jay notes that herbal tinctures are absorbed quickly and may not even reach the colon. 

anti-parasite herbs microbiome

Phase 1 Phenomena: Bloating, Cramping, Gurgling

Dr. Todd discusses potential reasons for digestive symptoms in Phase 1, as well as how to resolve these issues. Over time, addressing the root causes will help resolve these challenges.

bloating Detox Starter Protocol Phase 1

Best Diet to Follow During Phase 1

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay say no single diet is right for everyone. That said, it's always wise to avoid highly processed foods. And don't fast in Phase 1. You need energy to start your detox journey.

best diet intermittent fasting Phase 1

Stubborn Constipation in Phase 1

Dr. Todd mentions factors that can play a role in constipation, such as magnesium deficiency and parasite interference. Dr. Jay explains how certain herbal products may help.

constipation Detox Starter Protocol Phase 1

Passing Critters in Phase 1

Dr. Todd explains what to expect in Phase 1 of the Detox Starter Protocol. He says the pH and chemistry of the herbal formulations support the release of critters.

Detox Starter Protocol Phase 1

Natural Ways to Manage Anxiety

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd discuss strategies for combating anxiety during detox. Try the 5-5-5-5 breathing technique, as well as inhaling calming essential oils.

anxiety essential oils Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Protocol: Energy & Drainage

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay explain what's involved in Phase 1 of the Detox Starter Protocol and why energy and drainage are so important for effective detox. They also discuss dosing in detail, including for sensitive individuals.

Detox Starter Protocol drainage energy Phase 1

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