Revolutionary Toxin Binders

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that BioActive Carbon-based toxin binders are unmatched for effectiveness. Plus, they can be taken with food, they nourish your microbiome, and they have high-energy carbon and oxygen that your cells need.

BioActive Carbon detox fulvic acid toxins

Addressing Lingering Nerve Pain from Shingles

Dr. Todd suggests using stabilized molecular oxygen topically on areas of pain. You can also use a mitochondrial support product internally and topically for nerve health. Dr. Jay says a viral outbreak like shingles may signal an underlying parasite issue.

pain shingles

Best Phase 1 Product Sequence If You're Sensitive

If you're really sensitive, you can introduce products separately, rather than at the same time in the Detox Starter Protocol. Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay suggest starting with BioActive Carbon Minerals, then add a very small dose of MitoRestore.   

BioActive Carbon Minerals Detox Starter Protocol

Black Walnut Hulls and Tree Nut Allergies

Dr. Todd says that if you have a walnut allergy, you shouldn't take supplements containing black walnut hulls. Dr. Jay says people may mislabel symptoms related to taking products as allergies when some reactions may really be due to other factors, such as parasite die-off. Work with an allergist to determine what's safe for you.

allergies black walnut hulls

Detoxing Heavy Metals When You Still Have Amalgams

Dr. Todd says it's OK to start using BioActive Carbon binders, such as MetChem, when you still have dental amalgams. But this is not true for old-school binders. Dr. Jay says you should support your drainage pathways a minimum of 30 days before starting amalgam removal. You can find biological dentists at

amalgam BioActive MetChem drainage heavy metals mercury

Quick Mitochondrial Support for Your Brain and Body

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay share feedback from people who took a dropper of MitoRestore and found it supported their energy and brain function shortly after taking it. But go slowly with the product dosing if you have chronic illness, as it will take time for your body to adjust.  

brain fog energy mitochondria MitoRestore

New Herbal Tincture to Guard Against Unwelcome Guests

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay introduce a new herbal tincture that’s designed to support your body’s defenses against parasites. They review the potential benefits of each herb in the tincture and explain the best ways to use it.

Formula 2 parasites Strongyloides tincture

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