Can I Add Products From Other Phases?

Dr. Todd shares how he may add products from other phases depending on symptoms.

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Addressing Herxheimer Reactions

Dr. Todd says he has had his fair share of herx reactions. He stresses to focus on drainage and the liver.

drainage herxing MitoRestore

Why Is Zeolite in Foundation?

Jeff discusses why a specific type of zeolite is in the BioActive Carbons. He illustrates why they are micronized. 

Foundation heavy metals

What Is a Virus?

Jeff gives a scientific explanation of what a virus is. Dr. Todd says the Foundation may help. 


Troubleshooting Issues With Foundation

Dr. Todd offers suggestions on how to move towards full doses of Foundation. He reminds you that progress is happening, even if it seems slow.

Foundation water

Push Forward or Back Off?

Dr. Todd explains his criteria on when to slow down and when to push forward. He says you need to be mindful of what you can handle. 

Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease

Dr. Todd shares some research suggesting that people with MS may have Lyme disease and parasites. Jeff adds that you need cholesterol to combat neurological issues.

cholesterol parasites

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