Dr Todd’s Experience With H Pylori

Dr. Todd shares what he has learned clinically about H. Pylori. It seems to be related to toxins disrupting stomach acid.

glyphosate h. pylori stomach acid toxins

Can You Detox Mold While Still In It?

Dr. Todd urges you to “take the garbage out” of your body, even if you are still living in mold.

energy liver mold mycotoxins

What Causes Gas?

Dr. Todd says parasites or bacteria overgrowth may cause excessive gas. He stresses you need to address why it’s growing out of control.

gas parasites SIBO toxins

Implementing the Immune Formulas

Dr. Todd explains that he starts with only one Immune formula. He chooses which one based on symptoms.

Immune BAB Immune BART immune boost Immune BORR Phase 5

Are Mast Cell Issues and Mold Related

Dr. Jess says that mold is one of the biggest triggers for mast cell issues. It’s part of biotoxin illness.

biotoxin illness CIRS mast cell mold

Candida VS Mold

Dr. Jess outlines the similarities and differences between yeast and mold issues.

candida mold sugar yeast

Effects of Mold On the Body

Dr. Jess explains how mold affects us. Certain people have genetics that make the situation worse because they have trouble detoxifying mycotoxins.

drainage liver mitochondria mold mycotoxin

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