Benefits of Infrared Sauna in Detox

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that toxins — including asbestos and heavy metals — have been found in sweat induced by infrared sauna. But, there isn't evidence that it kills parasites directly.

detox heavy metals parasites

Iodine and Iodide in the Same Supplement

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay explain that your body needs both the iodine and iodide forms of the mineral in specific ratios. Certain organs of your body use one form versus the other.


Detoxing Chemicals Alongside MCS and Mold Toxicity

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay give tips for microdosing BioActive Carbon MetChem when you have multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and mold toxicity. BioActive Carbon Foundation is one-third MetChem. So, that's another way to ease into it.  

BioActive MetChem mold mold toxicity multiple chemical sensitivity

Troubleshooting Fatigue During Detox

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay explain that fatigue can be a side effect of detoxing too fast. Increasing drainage support, such as with TUDCA and kidney and liver herbs, generally helps in reducing detox side effects. 

detoxification fatigue Kidney & Liver Detox TUDCA

Sorting Through the Plethora of Supplements

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay note that other companies may not look at how different ingredients in a supplement interact. They also may not consider how ingredients are activated or delivered in your body. You should get most of your vitamins from healthy food.

best diet supplements

Role of Sugar in Candida Infection

Dr. Todd explains Candida overgrows to help absorb toxins, including those from unhealthy foods. Dr. Jay says you especially need to limit refined carbs like sugar if you're having a Candida flare-up.

candida sugar toxins

The Role of Mitochondria in Detox and Healing

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that if you don't support mitochondrial energy, your infections and toxin load will creep back up. Mitochondria also signal your immune system to fight infections.

immune system mitochondria toxins

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