Radioactive Elements and Your Health Journey

Dr. Todd shares how radioactive elements were a big part of his health journey. He adds that radiation is very prevalent in the environment.

MitoRestore radioactive elements

The Energy You Bring to Your Health Journey

Dr. Todd shares the importance of your attitude and thoughts. He adds that your physical body may be affected by your thoughts.

energy health journey thoughts

Tackling the Different Forms of Lyme

Dr. Todd stresses how you need to focus on your internal environment and mitochondrial function. He emphasizes you also should raise your cellular energy to really prevail over chronic Lyme disease.

chronic Lyme disease immune boost Immune BORR mitochondria

Should You “Push” a Fever?

Dr. Todd shares how when he has a low grade fever he increases the process with sauna use. Dr. Jay reminds you to stay hydrated if you try this method.

detox sauna

Herbal Blend May Help BOOST the Immune System

Dr. Jay lists a group of herbs that may support immune and liver function. Dr. Todd emphasizes the importance of knowing how to combine herbs for optimal results.

immune boost immune system liver detox parasite cleanse

Plant Extracts to Tame Inflammation

Dr. Jay runs through a list of 11 plant-based items that may help with inflammation. Dr. Todd explains how using extracts can increase effectiveness.

BioTox Inflamma Calm inflammation

What Is Your “Terrain?"

Dr. Jay explains how your "terrain" is your inner environment and its level of toxicity. Dr. Todd adds your gut health is vital to optimum terrain.

glyphosate gut health SIBO terrain toxicity

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