TUDCA Benefits If You Lack a Gallbladder

Dr. Jay Davidson explains how TUDCA — a water-soluble bile acid available as a supplement — could help your digestion if you've had your gallbladder removed.

gallbladder TUDCA

How MitoRestore Supports Vital Organs

Biochemist Jeff explains how the number of mitochondria in vital organs differs based on their function. He also explains how MitoRestore supports cell function.

mitochondria MitoRestore

What Rife Machine Side Effects Really Mean

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that regardless of your tool — such as rife or herbs — for killing critters, you must prep first. This includes supporting drainage and cellular energy.

Parasite Cleansing Success Beyond Your Stools

Dr. Todd Watts discusses how Mimosa pudica seed is a game changer for gut health, even if you don't see parasites in your stools. The best proof is in feeling better.

mimosa pudica seed parasite cleanse

Swollen Lymph Nodes During Detox

Dr. Todd explains that detox can stir up the lymphatic system, temporarily resulting in swollen lymph nodes. Parasite cleansing and microdosing supplements may help.

lymphatic system parasite cleanse

Guidelines for Dosing and Cycling Formula 2

Dr. Todd Watts advises starting with a low dose of Formula 2 and building up to the full dose. Take it for three weeks, then cycle off of it for one week. Repeat as needed.

Formula 2

Mitochondria Help Fight Infections

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that your mitochondria not only are essential for producing cellular energy, but they also play a key role in fighting viruses and other infections. 


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