Swollen Lymph Nodes During Detox

Dr. Todd explains that detox can stir up the lymphatic system, temporarily resulting in swollen lymph nodes. Parasite cleansing and microdosing supplements may help.

lymphatic system parasite cleanse

Guidelines for Dosing and Cycling Formula 2

Dr. Todd Watts advises starting with a low dose of Formula 2 and building up to the full dose. Take it for three weeks, then cycle off of it for one week. Repeat as needed.

Formula 2

Mitochondria Help Fight Infections

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that your mitochondria not only are essential for producing cellular energy, but they also play a key role in fighting viruses and other infections. 


Supporting Ankylosing Spondylitis with Detox

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd discuss ankylosing spondylitis, an autoimmune condition. Toxins and parasites can play a role, so following the phased detox protocol is advised.


Precautions for Mercury Filling Removal

Dr. Jay Davidson advises spending at least 30–60 days supporting your drainage pathways before removing amalgam fillings. He also recommends finding a biological dentist for this process. These can be found at IAOMT.org.

amalgam drainage heavy metals mercury

Reviewing the Detox Starter Protocol Phases

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd review the four phases of the Detox Starter Protocol. Following this helps minimize any side effects of detox. They also note that detox starts and ends with the gut, where most toxins are housed.

Detox Starter Protocol gut healing

Role of Parasites in Babies’ Eczema

Dr. Todd explains that eczema is likely due to an internal issue, particularly parasitic roundworm infection. He suggests treating this around the full moon and new moon, such as with an herbal tincture in water. Do this consistently for a few months.

eczema parasite skin reaction

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