Tips on Supplementing Iodine

Dr. Todd explains why supplementing with iodine is different when combined with BioActive Carbon. He also addresses supplementing iodine when you have an autoimmune disease.

autoimmune BioActive Carbon iodine

Full Moon Protocol

Dr. Jay explains how to do beginner, intermediate, and advanced Full Moon Challenges. Dr. Todd discusses why the full moon is an ideal time to tackle parasites.

full moon challenge parasites

The Root Causes Behind Candida

Dr. Randy explains how mold, sugar, and parasites contribute to your risk of Candida infection. Dr. Todd describes how heavy metals and toxins add to the burden.

candida heavy metals parasites toxins

Cavitations and Your Health

Dr. Randy details how infections in your gums (cavitations) can impact your whole body. Dr. Todd suggests ways to recover more quickly from dental work. 

BioActive Carbon Minerals BioMolecular Oxygen dental work infections

Troubleshooting Loss of Muscle Tone

Dr. Todd addresses how a shortfall of protein could prevent you from building muscle. He also provides strategies to help tackle muscle loss. 

exercise protein

Addressing Oxidative Stress

Dr. Todd explains one of the top ways to reduce oxidative stress. He discusses why stabilized molecular oxygen supports your ability to handle oxidative stress.

BioMolecular Oxygen mitochondria oxidative stress oxygen

Timing Mimosa Pudica and Herbs

Dr. Todd explains why the stickiness of Mimosa pudica won’t reduce the effectiveness of herbs. You can still take them together. Dr. Jay lists what supplements cannot be taken with Mimosa pudica.

Formula 1 herbs Mimosa Pudica parasites

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