Children and the Protocol

Dr. Jay explains using the products with children. He offers tips for getting them to take the supplements.


Can Lyme Transfer to Children?

Dr. Todd says you may want to consider addressing Lyme disease with your children if you had it during pregnancy. Dr. Jay adds to detox children so the pathogens can't thrive.

children Lyme disease

Breastfeeding and the Protocol

Dr. Jay offers some general guidelines on what can be taken while you are breastfeeding. Dr. Todd adds to be aware that the herbs may change the taste of your milk.

BioActive Carbon BioTox BioActive Carbon Minerals BioMolecular Oxygen MitoRestore TUDCA

Parasite Testing

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd share their thoughts on the accuracy of parasite testing. Right now, the technology isn't great.

parasite testing

Hope, Love, and Kindness

Dr. Todd reminds us that we see what we look for. Look at the good things that are happening, and kindness begins with you.


Glyphosate and Wheat Allergies

Dr. Jay feels glyphosate may be a factor in wheat sensitivities. Dr. Todd says wheat has also been genetically modified.


Epigenetics and Genetic Expression

Dr. Jay runs through studies that suggest what happens in one generation may affect the next 3 or 4 generations. Dr. Todd says your genetics are not your destiny.


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