Getting to the Root Cause of Candida Flare-ups

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd discuss the root causes of Candida flare-ups, which include toxicity and parasites. Radiation could be a source of this toxicity, and it suppresses your immune system.

candida causes parasites radiation TUDCA Plus

Detoxing Lead and Cadmium

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that detoxing lead is challenging because lead shields your body from radioactive elements. MetChem, Minerals, and MitoRestore support heavy metal detox.  

BioActive Carbon Minerals BioActive MetChem heavy metal detox highlight MitoRestore

Granules Released From Skin During Detox

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd troubleshoot reasons for granules coming out of skin during detox. TUDCA Plus could help with this. If parasite-related, they can come out just about anywhere.

skin TUDCA Plus

Mold Detox Strategies for Sensitive People

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay give tips for taking mold detox supplements when you're super-sensitive. Remember: The number one strategy is to make sure you're in a low-mold environment.

BioActive Carbon BioTox MitoRestore mold TUDCA Plus

Supporting Immune System During Back-to-School Time

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd discuss immune system challenges during school time and how to tackle them. Challenges include viruses, parasites, sugary diets, and mold in schools.

BioActive Carbon BioTox highlight immune system MitoRestore Mold Cleanse nutrition and diet parasite TUDCA Plus viruses

Tips for Shielding Yourself From Negativity

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay provide ideas to avoid "absorbing" negative emotions from others. Their advice: Take the high road. Use your positive energy to influence other people for the better.

emotional challenges highlight

Will You Notice Signs of Heavy Metal Excretion?

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain that you won't necessarily see when you're releasing heavy metals. If using BioActive Carbon, you may notice a change in stools' smell and consistency.

BioActive Carbon heavy metal detox

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