Parasite Binding When Your Colon Is Removed

Dr. Jay Davidson discusses why parasite binders are likely still helpful when you have a colostomy bag. Mimosa pudica grabs parasites in the small intestine.

Mimosa pudica

How Often to Do Coffee Enemas

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd advise against excessive coffee enemas and dependence on them. They also give tips for handling potential side effects like fevers and rashes.

coffee enema

Detox to Clear Skin Symptoms of Candida

Dr. Todd Watts explains that white skin spots can signal fungal infections. Pesticides and other gut toxins kill good bacteria, enabling Candida to thrive. Detox to fix the root cause.  

candida skin

Liver Health Beyond Methylation Roadblocks

Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay explain that high homocysteine levels may point to a liver problem beyond MTHFR genetic mutations. The root problem could be infections and toxins.


Tips to Get Your Digestive Juices Flowing

Dr. Todd Watts discusses key ways to upregulate your digestive juices, including minimizing your fluid intake with meals and using bitters. Formula 1 contains bitter herbs.

digestion Formula 1

Intermittent Fasting and Supplement Timing

Ryan Riley, Microbe Formulas' CEO, explains that all the company's products can be taken with or without food. So, they work easily alongside intermittent fasting.

intermittent fasting

Parasite-Cleansing Power Couple

Dr. Randy Michaux describes how parasite-killing herbs plus Mimosa pudica seed partner up. The herbs kill the critters, and Mimosa pudica seed sweeps them out via your gut.

Formula 1 mimosa pudica seed

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