Support Drainage While Upregulating Mitochondria

Dr. Randy and Ryan discuss why it's important to support your drainage pathways and go slow when increasing mitochondrial function. For best results, listen to your body.

mitochondria MitoRestore

Pacing Your Heavy Metal and Chemical Detox

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd troubleshoot skin reactions to detox. Go at your own pace and ease the process with BioActive Carbon, minerals, iodine, and mitochondrial support.

MetChem skin reaction

Supporting Drainage with Apple Cider Vinegar

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd give tips for using apple cider vinegar before meals to stimulate stomach acid and support drainage. Feet and ankle swelling may result from poor drainage.


Tips for Adding Products to Coffee Enemas

Dr. Randy Michaux says to start slow when adding products such as BioActive Carbon Minerals and BioMolecular Oxygen to coffee enemas. Your body absorbs them readily.  

coffee enema

Detoxing When a Breast Implant Breaks

Dr. Jay Davidson discusses the importance of supporting drainage and detox when breast implants break. He provides guidance on supplements that help detox heavy metals.

breast implant detox

Radioactive Elements: Health Risks and Solutions

Dr. Jay gives a short presentation on radioactive elements and how they may harm your health. Dr. Todd discusses supplements to help combat exposure to radioactive metals.

radiation radioactive elements

Troubleshooting a Drop in Platelets

Dr. Todd Watts gives tips for troubleshooting a drop in platelets. Stop detox for a couple of weeks, then have your doctor remeasure your platelets to check for a correlation.

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