Absorbing Minerals Before Pathogens Can

Dr. Jay Davidson addresses concerns about pathogens stealing your nutrients. He explains that the quick absorption of BioActive Carbon Minerals helps counteract this concern.

iodine minerals parasites

Melatonin in TUDCA Plus Won't Make You Sleepy

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd explain the real reason you may wake up in the wee hours of the morning when you start TUDCA Plus. Hint: It has to do with mobilizing stored toxins.

melatonin sleep TUDCA Plus

Why the Liver Is Your Body's Detox Lifeline

Dr. Jay Davidson briefly reviews the anatomy of your liver and the phases of liver detox. He also explains that TUDCA supports liver drainage so you can eliminate toxins.

liver TUDCA

TUDCA's Many Benefits for Your Body

Dr. Jay Davidson gives a 40-minute presentation on TUDCA's many research-backed benefits. He also reviews the ingredients of TUDCA Plus and how it bolsters liver detox.


Why TUDCA Is Key for Mold Toxicity

Dr. Jay Davidson explains how mold toxins accumulate in your bile ducts and how TUDCA helps resolve this. He also discusses which supplement can help bind mold in your body.

BioActive Carbon BioTox mold TUDCA Plus

TUDCA Plus Formulation and Efficacy

Dr. Jay Davidson reviews the ingredients in TUDCA Plus. He also reveals how it stacks up against another TUDCA brand for supporting the three phases of liver detoxification.

liver melatonin TUDCA Plus

How Does BioActive MetChem Work?

Dr. Todd and Dr. Randy say BioActive MetChem has enough energy to pull heavy metals and pesticides all the way out of your body. They also explain what to expect during detox.

BioActive MetChem fulvic acid heavy metal detox humic acid pesticides

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