Not All Humic and Fulvic Supplements Are Equal

Dr. Todd Watts says that Microbe Formulas' humic and fulvic acid extracts (BioActive Carbon) are purified, formulated at a specific pH, and energized for maximum effectiveness.

BioActive Carbon fulvic acid humic acid

Should You Get Mold Toxicity Testing?

Dr. Todd Watts says high levels of mold toxins (mycotoxins) are a sign of current exposure. Mycotoxin testing is offered by Real Time Laboratories and The Great Plains Laboratory.

mold mycotoxins

Use Microdosing If Sensitive Genetics

Dr. Todd and Dr. Randy say that microdosing helps if you're expressing genes that make supplement tolerance challenging. Also, clear parasites, open drainage, and support energy.

genetics microdosing

What to Do If Your Spouse Won't Detox

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd give you pointers for protecting yourself from reinfection with parasites during intimacy — even when your partner doesn't think it's important.


BioActive Carbon Combats Radioactive Pollutants

Dr. Jay Davidson shares powerful evidence that BioActive Carbon binds radioactive particles, such as from nuclear disasters. These toxins pollute the air and oceans.

BioActive Carbon radiation

Microplastics: Definition and Detox Tips

Dr. Jay Davidson talks about the tiny plastic fragments that pollute the environment and accumulate in your gut wall. BioActive Carbon helps bind and remove these toxins.

BioActive Carbon BioTox

Salt Water Flush to Promote a Bowel Movement

Dr. Jay Davidson explains how drinking 32 ounces of water first thing in the morning may help you poop easier. He also suggests the best source of sodium to add to the water.

BioActive Carbon Minerals constipation

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