Addressing Oxidative Stress

Dr. Todd explains one of the top ways to reduce oxidative stress. He discusses why stabilized molecular oxygen supports your ability to handle oxidative stress.

BioMolecular Oxygen mitochondria oxidative stress oxygen

Timing Mimosa Pudica and Herbs

Dr. Todd explains why the stickiness of Mimosa pudica won’t reduce the effectiveness of herbs. You can still take them together. Dr. Jay lists what supplements cannot be taken with Mimosa pudica.

Formula 1 herbs Mimosa Pudica parasites

Knowing When to Pause Parasite Cleansing

Dr. Jay explains how to effectively do a parasite cleanse. Dr. Todd adds when to take breaks, and why breaks are important.

BioActive Carbon formula 1 Mimosa Pudica parasite cleanse

Supporting Heavy Metal Detox

Dr. Todd explains how fulvic and humic acid act like magnets to support the body’s normal processes for removing mild exposures to unwanted elements. He also describes the science and processes behind high-energy BioActive Carbon.

gadolinium heavy metal detox minerals

Parasitic Flukes 101

Dr. Todd discusses different kinds of flukes and where they tend to hide in your body. He also suggests which herbs may help combat them. 

Formula 1 herbs to kill parasites Kidney & Liver

Parasites, Malabsorption, and Autoimmunity

Dr. Jay outlines how parasites may rob you of nutrients and increase your risk of autoimmune disease. He also suggests the best time to increase your parasite detox support.

autoimmune detox parasites

Methylation: Should You Be Concerned?

Dr. Jay describes why methylation gene mutations shouldn’t be a key focus. He explains how parasites, your environment, and your microbiota play a role in turning these genes on or off. 

methylation microbiome parasites toxins

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