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Can I take Microbe Formulas products with other supplements?

We recommend taking Mimosa Pudica and Formula 1 together at the same time an hour before or after meals, or other supplements. You can take all of our products besides those two with any other supplements. We recommend keeping any probiotics, antibiotics, and prescription medication at least two hours away from our BioActive Carbons. We have not experienced any issues with taking vitamins with our BioActive Carbons, but do recommend to keep them an hour away from Mimosa Pudica and BioActive Carbons.



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    the Blaze

    ​Report: Researchers concerned about levels of heavy metals found in more than 20 packaged juices sold across the country

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    Fulvic News

    ​​Incurable HIV or Aids virus is destroyed by humic extracts, epidemic now has over 33 million people infected.

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    The Naked Darwin

    ​In a fascinating story about co-infections and co-evolution, helminth parasites play a role in a two-signal reactivation pathway of latent infections of herpes-like viruses.

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