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How are Microbe Formulas binders different than traditional charcoal/clay binders?

Our proprietary binder, BioActive Carbon, targets viruses, retroviruses, heavy metals, environmental toxins, radiation, and chemical toxins.

Traditional binders like activated charcoal are considered “spent” carbons, which simply means they have less energy available for binding power. They’re also made up of long-chain carbons, which only stay in the gut and don’t travel systemically. This means activated charcoal is great for soaking up poison, but not for true removal of pathogens and toxins for healing at the root level.

Our proprietary technology, BioActive Carbon, has a different structure. It has no “spent” carbons, which means it has full potential for binding. BioActive Carbon is made up of long-, medium-, and short-chain carbons, which gives it the remarkable ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and offer cellular binding, tissue binding, and digestive tract binding all in one capsule.

Even better? Once it removes toxins from your system, BioActive Carbon can also nourish and restore what’s been lost within the cells.