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How often should a detox protocol be considered?

This is a great conversation to have between practitioner and patient. Some individuals who have been chronically ill for lengthy periods may find that a longer initial protocol followed with support and maintenance with specific supplements and follow up additional protocol runs is effective.

Others may find that once through the protocol and longer-term use of specific supplements like BioActive Carbon BioToxin to counteract unique environmental situations is a useful course of action. Consult together to ensure that “post-initial protocol” plans are considered and implemented successfully.



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    ​Report: Researchers concerned about levels of heavy metals found in more than 20 packaged juices sold across the country

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    ​​Incurable HIV or Aids virus is destroyed by humic extracts, epidemic now has over 33 million people infected.

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    ​In a fascinating story about co-infections and co-evolution, helminth parasites play a role in a two-signal reactivation pathway of latent infections of herpes-like viruses.

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