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Detox Learning Center

Is it ok to do a "mini-protocol"?

For best results and in an ideal world we recommend the complete Protocol.

Do you have a strong constitution? You won’t need as much Phase 1 (drainage support), then jump into Phase 2 and move into phase 3. Or you don’t mind having some symptoms.

Suspect or suffer with mold exposure, these are priorities: BioActive Carbon BioTox and Biomolecular oxygen

Are you having symptoms? Do you have a lot of sensitivities? React to supplements and protocols? Are you in a very stressful time? Are you pushing detoxification or pathogen killing?

Then make sure to support drainage.

  •     Intestinal mover for constipation, perfect for those that don’t poop 2 or more times a day. Important for parasite infection, SIBO, bloating and candida.
  •     Lymph Detox for swelling, cellulite, joint pains, frequent infections, weak immune system, brain fog, chronic fatigue, cold hands and feet
  •     Kidney & Liver detox for food sensitivities, ______

Retracing concept: As the body heals through previous traumas and injuries, the body can re-experience symptoms temporarily. Example, if you had asthma as a child and you start parasite cleansing, you might experience trouble breathing for a short period as the body heals the original cause of the asthma you had previously.

BioActive Carbon Iodine for support of:

           Thyroid – hair, skin or nails symptoms

           Sluggish brain


BioMolecular Oxygen for down-regulating inflammation and sensitivities. Pain, swelling, mold, etc.

Parasite keys and fundamentals:

           Be persistent and consistent

           Increase dosing during full moon

           Long term move into pulsing over a full moon

Expect die-off parasite symptoms -