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Why am I feeling more ill after starting the Protocol?

When going through a parasite cleanse a lot of past symptoms/illnesses that you have experienced over your life (even ones when you were a child) can be brought up when you are removing parasites. Toxins from those specific diseases are being held onto by these parasites and are part of the reason you experienced these illnesses/symptoms in the first place. When the worms are being removed from your body they have a tenancy to release toxins, these toxins could have been in there for 30+ years. When these toxins are finally being removed from your body you can experience similar symptoms to when you initially had the illness.

Dr. Jay Davidson tells us a story about how when he was a little kid he would get goop covering his eyes every morning. Every morning he had to scratch off this goop in order to open his eyes. He eventually grew out of it. A couple of years ago when Jay was first getting into supplements he took a supplement to boost his glutathione. Out of nowhere he started to wake up with goop closing his eyes shut, constantly having to pick it out of his eyes. He only had experienced this for a week and then it went away. Having this only be the second time he experienced it, he was shocked.  

This is a perfect example of what can happen when going through a parasite detox. These worms hold onto those toxins and hide away for a very long time, keeping those toxins hidden. When the Mimosa Pudica or Formula 1 pull out these hidden worms, they can release these same toxins into your body for a short amount of time.