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With the travel to unfamiliar environments in play, isn't the potential for parasite exposure quite high? Wouldn't the Mimosa Pudica be important to incorporate?

We’ve designed this kit to provide immune support and boost cellular energy. The BioActive Carbon Foundation will help with binding and removing viruses, radiation (think: I’m on a plane in a thin atmosphere!), and chemical toxins (I’m having a glass of water, but it’s at the restaurant, so not my norm). While Mimosa Pudica could be an added benefit, to keep things simple for space and expense, we’ve put these three together here.



  • Fulvic News

    the Blaze

    ​Report: Researchers concerned about levels of heavy metals found in more than 20 packaged juices sold across the country

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  • Fulvic News

    Fulvic News

    ​​Incurable HIV or Aids virus is destroyed by humic extracts, epidemic now has over 33 million people infected.

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  • Fulvic News

    The Naked Darwin

    ​In a fascinating story about co-infections and co-evolution, helminth parasites play a role in a two-signal reactivation pathway of latent infections of herpes-like viruses.

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