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What to Expect in Phase 2

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Top Supplements for Mold and MARCoNS

Dr. Todd Watts discusses supplements to help with mold toxicity and MARCoNS infections. Topping the list are BioActive Carbon BioTox, BioActive Carbon Minerals, and TUDCA Plus.

BioActive Carbon BioTox BioActive Carbon Minerals mold TUDCA Plus

Salt Water Flush to Promote a Bowel Movement

Dr. Jay Davidson explains how drinking 32 ounces of water first thing in the morning may help you poop easier. He also suggests the best source of sodium to add to the water.

BioActive Carbon Minerals constipation

Microplastics: Definition and Detox Tips

Dr. Jay Davidson talks about the tiny plastic fragments that pollute the environment and accumulate in your gut wall. BioActive Carbon helps bind and remove these toxins.

BioActive Carbon BioTox

Tips to Get Your Digestive Juices Flowing

Dr. Todd Watts discusses key ways to upregulate your digestive juices, including minimizing your fluid intake with meals and using bitters. Formula 1 contains bitter herbs.

Formula 1

Parasite-Cleansing Power Couple

Dr. Randy Michaux describes how parasite-killing herbs plus Mimosa pudica seed partner up. The herbs kill the critters, and Mimosa pudica seed sweeps them out via your gut.

Formula 1 mimosa pudica seed

Guidelines for Dosing and Cycling Formula 2

Dr. Todd Watts advises starting with a low dose of Formula 2 and building up to the full dose. Take it for three weeks, then cycle off of it for one week. Repeat as needed.

Formula 2

Parasite Binding When Your Colon Is Removed

Dr. Jay Davidson discusses why parasite binders are likely still helpful when you have a colostomy bag. Mimosa pudica grabs parasites in the small intestine.

Mimosa pudica

Parasite Cleansing Success Beyond Your Stools

Dr. Todd Watts discusses how Mimosa pudica seed is a game changer for gut health, even if you don't see parasites in your stools. The best proof is in feeling better.

mimosa pudica seed parasite cleanse

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5 Top Herbs to Kill Parasites Naturally

Parasites are tough, but certain herbs are tougher. Vidanga, neem, triphala, clove, and holarrhena are 5 must-have herbs in your parasite-fighting arsenal. When paired with fulvic acid extracts, there’s no stopping these herbs.

Formula 1 fulvic acid parasites

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7 Powerful Parasite-Killing Herbs

Parasites are cunning. Each type has specific ways to fight back against your efforts to kill them. Beat them at their own game. Attack them from several angles with a tincture of potent extracts from 7 specially-selected herbs.  

Ayurveda BioActive Carbon Formula 2 humic acid

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Rope Worm: Parasite or Mucoid Plaque?

Sometimes when you do a parasite cleanse, rubbery rope-like strands appear in your stools. People debate whether this is a previously unidentified parasite or just intestinal debris called mucoid plaque. What is it, and what should you do about it?

featured Mimosa pudica parasite parasite cleanse

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15 Mimosa Pudica Myths, Mistakes, and FAQs

Boost your benefits from Mimosa pudica seed by demystifying how it works. Here’s the scoop on top myths, mistakes, and frequently asked questions about this powerful gut scrubber and parasite binder.

constipation Mimosa Pudica mimosa pudica seed parasites sleep

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An Intro to Mimosa Pudica (And Its Sticky Seeds)

Mimosa pudica has been used for healing since ancient times. Now, functional medicine practitioners are using the plant's seeds to help clear out gut toxins and pathogens. Could it be the gut health solution you've been looking for?

gut health Mimosa Pudica mimosa pudica seed parasites sensitive plant

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5 Plants That Support Digestive Health + 1 "Fruit Cocktail"

Nature has many gifts and we routinely neglect them in our day to day lives. We've identified several plants that act as natural digestive health boosters. Find out what plants are good for digestion and can help heal your digestive system.

digestive health Mimosa Pudica

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13 (+1) Benefits of Natural Parasite Cleansing (and some hockey)

Parasite cleansing doesn't have to be scary or intimidating. It can provide relief from a variety of symptoms, like migraines, digestive upset, chronic pain, and many others. It’s important to give your body the right support. Microbe Formulas can provide that support your body needs to successfully cleanse and move forward.

BioActive Carbon Mimosa Pudica parasite cleanse parasites

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How to Do a Mimosa Pudica Seed Challenge and Full Moon Challenge

Have you hit a plateau in your parasite cleanse? Maybe you’ve killed some parasites, but your gut health isn’t as good as it could be. Launch a surprise attack on the critters by doing the Mimosa Pudica Seed Challenge or the Full Moon Challenge.

full moon mimosa pudica seed parasites

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Top Tips for Parasite Prevention: What to Avoid and Where Not to Go

There's an epidemic in the world that isn't talked about enough. This piece uncovers a snapshot of how widespread it really is and some advice on how to minimize your risk.

mimosa pudica seed parasite parasite cleanse

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