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How Does BioActive MetChem Work?

Dr. Todd and Dr. Randy say BioActive MetChem has enough energy to pull heavy metals and pesticides all the way out of your body. They also explain what to expect during detox.

fulvic acid heavy metal detox humic acid

Pacing Your Heavy Metal and Chemical Detox

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd troubleshoot skin reactions to detox. Go at your own pace and ease the process with BioActive Carbon, minerals, iodine, and mitochondrial support.


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When "Toxic" is Safe?

Heavy metals are everywhere. Especially in the media. Knowing the difference between inorganic and organic elements will help you understand what to truly worry about and how the "bad" can be good.

featured heavy metal detox heavy metals minerals

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Back to the Basics: Heavy Metals, What are They and Why do they Matter?

Heavy metals are all around us. There's a lot of hype in the news and it's easy to get misinformed by the mainstream media. In this article we dissect the basic information that you need to know.

heavy metal toxicity heavy metals

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Black Carbon and Heavy Metals: A Deadly Duo to Our Health

This tag team isn't one you want to cheer for. Rather, it's a duo you want to avoid and work to both minimize exposure and detox from its impacts. Find out how black carbon and heavy metals make a gnarly combo.

heavy metal toxicity heavy metals

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