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Acid extracts are soluble in both alkaline and acidic solutions, a short chain active carbon and high molecular oxygen is one of the most crucial carbon factors in the reversal and prevention of disease, as well as the maintenance of good health. Carbon is a major component of DNA. In fact, the center of life is carbon. They are composed of highly active (unspent) carbon, hydrogen, molecular oxygen, an organic form for maximum bio-availability. This nano sized molecule passes through cell membranes with ease. They are plant derived, ionic, and contains high concentrations of organic acids. Acid extracts also have a composition consisting of natural carbon-rich polydisperse polyanions.

These extracts, when in their proper form provide the catalyst that allows vitamins, which is another CHO (Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen) molecule, to be utilized and are essential for 96% of all metabolic functions of the human body. They have the ability to complexation, chelating, buffering and pH effects. Without an acid molecule active carbon and high molecular oxygen, vitamins and minerals are of little value.

A good acid extract complex increases retention, absorption, and utilization of all the nutrients in food, vitamins, and supplements. Due to the higher concentration of active carbons, these extracts can extend the time that the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen remain active in the body. A balanced electro-chemistry is a requirement in the human body. Using a good source of active carbon, hydrogen, and molecular oxygen will give an effective food source for the beneficial aerobic bacteria. The body will fundamentally have the means to repair itself. When these acids with active carbon, hydrogen, and high molecular oxygen encounter free radicals with unpaired positive or negative electrons, it supplies an equal and opposite charge to neutralize the free radical.