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10 Reasons Why You Need BioActive Carbon

In your quest for optimal health, you try to eat right to get the nutrients and energy you need. The problem is, food isn’t as healthy as it used to be.

Even whole, organic foods are often grown in soil that’s depleted of minerals and beneficial microbes.

Moreover, the food you eat and the world you live in is laced with toxins. Your body is challenged to eliminate these pollutants. You have limited energy and resources to tackle this detoxification.

Fortunately, nature provides you with an elegant yet simple solution to this modern-day conundrum. It’s called BioActive Carbon and is available in supplement form.  

Here are 10 reasons why BioActive Carbon can help you upgrade your detox and wellness regimen.

1. Nature Knows Best

BioActive Carbon is a product of nature. Its simplest definition is carbon that can give and sustain life in a cell.

Carbon probably isn’t the top thing you think of when trying to nourish your body. But, it’s really the center of life. Without it, you wouldn’t exist.

BioActive Carbon is made when billions of beneficial microbes decompose old plant material in the presence of oxygen. They turn it into very nutrient-rich dirt.

It contains plant-based fulvic and humic acid extracts. You probably didn’t learn about these compounds in a nutrition or science class, but they’re essential to your health.

These high-energy compounds are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Those are the same three elements that make up about 96% of your body.

Though the “ingredients” sound simple, the components of BioActive Carbon are very unique and complex in structure. In fact, Mother Nature designed them so intricately that they cannot be synthesized by chemists.

What’s more, these compounds carry a memory of past battles with disease invaders. So, BioActive Carbon could help in your own fight against pathogens. It’s similar to a mom passing immune factors to her baby in the special milky fluid present at the start of breastfeeding.

In short, nature gave you the best tool for excellent health. This “milk” from Mother Nature is one of the most important health discoveries in history.

2. Super Nourishing

BioActive Carbon is a wealth of life-giving nutrients. Within its intricate structure it contains:

  • Amino acids
  • Enzymes
  • Hormones
  • Natural antivirals
  • 60+ minerals and trace elements
  • Natural antibiotics
  • Superoxide dismutase
  • Free radical scavengers
  • Natural fungicides  

Despite being packed with these nutrients, BioActive Carbon is hundreds of times smaller than a human cell. The nutrients are present on nano-sized particles that can easily move into your body’s cells.

Additionally, BioActive Carbon can increase your body’s enzyme activity. Your enzymes decrease with age and when you’re sick. This unique carbon helps combat that and enables you to better utilize the nutrients in foods, herbs, and supplements.

The nutrients in BioActive Carbon even help nourish the good bacteria in your gut, which are part of your microbiome. This is yet another way it could support your health.

3. Navigates Your Body Well

For a substance to help your body, it needs to be able to get everywhere your body needs it. This is true for detoxing your body as well as nourishing it.

BioActive Carbon is unique in that it exists in a variety of sizes. These include small, medium, and large chain carbon compounds. This enables them to easily travel where they’re needed in your body.

Here’s where these different sizes function in your body:

  • Large chain: Remain in your digestive tract
  • Medium chain: Pass through your gut wall and enter tissues, such as bones, muscles, and nerves
  • Small chain: Enter your cells and can even cross your blood-brain barrier to reach your brain

The mobility of small and medium chain BioActive Carbon is especially impressive.

For example, the small chains could help clear away harmful compounds in your brain. They can also recognize and help disassemble abnormal cell formations there. This may prove helpful in disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. (1)

In contrast, activated charcoal and bentonite clay — products commonly used to bind toxins — can’t move beyond your digestive tract. This is because they’re made only of large carbon chains.

4. Powerful Detoxifier

Powerful Detoxifier

Your body needs help getting rid of toxins. Old-school toxin binders like activated charcoal and bentonite clay have been used for years.

BioActive Carbon is a much more powerful toxin binder. This is partly because BioActive Carbon can navigate your body better. It’s also more effective because it’s an “unspent” or energized carbon. In contrast, the old-school binders are made of “spent” carbon.

“Unspent” means that BioActive Carbon has a lot more binding capacity. It’s like an empty bus that can pick up a full load of passengers. In contrast, activated charcoal is like a bus that already has several people on board. It just can’t pick up as many passengers or toxins.

BioActive Carbon could help your body remove: (2, 3, 4)

  • Heavy metals, such as cadmium and mercury
  • Environmental pollutants like pesticides and herbicides
  • Poisons released from parasites and other pathogens
  • Toxins from your own cellular processes

The fulvic and humic acid extracts in BioActive Carbon have an incredible ability to adsorb a variety of different toxins. Adsorption means the toxins latch onto the surface of the carbon. That enables your body to eliminate them.

This flexibility to bind a wide variety of toxins is no small feat, as each has a different energy signature or shape. The different sizes of BioActive Carbon come in handy here.

Besides the small, medium, and large chains, BioActive Carbon also has multiple sizes and structures within these categories. This makes it the ultimate binder.

Think of it like a toddler’s shape-sorting toy that has slots for circles, triangles, and squares — but much more complex. Each toxin finds a place where it fits on BioActive Carbon for removal. This is a major advantage when detoxing.

For optimal health, you need to rid your body of countless toxins that create inflammation and disease. Such toxins cause your cellular processes and mitochondria to malfunction. They can even change the expression of your genes. (5)

5. Balances Minerals in Your Body

BioActive Carbon is an excellent source of highly bioavailable, organic minerals. This means your body can readily absorb and use them.

You may consume minerals as supplements or in your food, but sometimes you don’t absorb or utilize these well.

BioActive Carbon helps dissolve minerals in a form your cells can use. It enhances the activity of everything to which it bonds.

What’s more, due to its high concentration of energized carbons, it’s active longer in your body. This gives you more time to absorb its minerals and other nutrients.

Most impressively, it not only can give minerals to you, but it can also bind and carry away minerals you don’t need. It does whatever each cell needs for stability. In this way, it helps keep the right balance of minerals in your body.

For example, you may be concerned about taking in too much copper or iron, as an excess can be toxic. BioActive Carbon helps ensure you only have as much of these minerals as you need.

6. Supercharges Your Cells

Supercharges Your Cells

Your body is essentially electric. The balance and flow of electrical charges make the difference between death and life. This electrical charge is called voltage.

Inadequate voltage is common to all chronic illness. It makes it hard for your organs to get rid of toxins. It’s also at the root of pain.

BioActive Carbons are supercharged particles — polyelectrolytes — that can give or accept negatively charged particles called electrons. They’re like an electrician that can change the voltage of your cells and the surrounding fluid.

A healthy cell in your body operates at −20 to −25 millivolts. This means it can give away as many as 25 electrons. But, if a cell gives away too many electrons, it starts to malfunction and can’t heal when it is injured.

BioActive Carbon can give away more than 100,000 electrons. This means it can help keep your cells at the correct charge, which promotes healing.

7. Supports Your Mitochondria

When you improve the voltage of your cells, such as by consuming BioActive Carbon, it increases their oxygen level. This helps your mitochondria run optimally and produce more ATP or energy.

More energy means your cells can function more smoothly. You’re also better able to replace old or damaged cells.

For example, BioActive Carbon can increase the metabolic activities of your cells. This includes improving your metabolism of proteins, which helps make DNA and RNA. That’s important for creating new cells.

Your body continually breaks down and replaces cells. For example, the cells in your small intestine are replaced about every three days. Healthy cell turnover promotes healing and reduces chronic disease risk.

In contrast, “spent” carbons like activated charcoal don’t support repair of your tissues. And, they can’t charge up your mitochondria to make more ATP. They just don’t have much life in them.

8. Potent Antioxidant

BioActive Carbon is supercharged with antioxidant carbon compounds. So, it can protect your cells from oxidative damage, which helps reduce disease risk.

Oxidation is a natural chemical process in which a molecule loses an electron and become unstable. This unstable molecule is called a free radical. It strives to become balanced again by stealing an electron.

Your cells are being attacked by free radicals all the time. These unstable molecules bully cells nearby to get the electrons they need. In the processing of robbing a cell’s electrons, it damages the cell.

BioActive Carbon is like a teacher giving her lunch to the class bully who wants to steal a sandwich from a fellow student. It donates an electron so that the free radical won’t take an electron from your healthy cells.

What’s more, it’s unique in that as it donates an electron, it remains stable. This makes BioActive carbon one of nature's most powerful antioxidants.

BioActive Carbon is also a superb source of an antioxidant enzyme called superoxide dismutase (SOD). Your body makes SOD, but this may decline with age.

SOD helps protect your cells from toxicity. It supports your cardiovascular health, in addition to supporting other organs. (6)

9. Can Be Taken Long Term

BioActive Carbon can both carry away what your body needs to eliminate while also replenishing what it lacks. It’s like a furniture delivery truck that takes away the old furniture you don’t want while also delivering your new furniture.

It helps your body regain balance and rebuild what was damaged. This gently supports your system and doesn’t stress it. So, you can take BioActive Carbon long term without a break. That may help you get better quicker.

In contrast, old-school binders like activated charcoal and bentonite clay can stress your body. They sometimes bind things they shouldn’t, and they don’t give you anything in return.

Standard binders are like garbage trucks that take your trash but then start raiding your pantry. Because they take too much without replenishing, you periodically need a break from them. This slows down your journey to optimal health.

10. Easy to Take

If you’ve previously taken binders like activated charcoal or bentonite clay, you know how challenging it can be to time when you take them. They can potentially absorb whatever is in their path, so you have to take them on an empty stomach.

If you fail to do this, these old-school binders can latch onto nutrients from food, supplements, and herbs in your gut. You’ll lose them in your stools and won’t gain their benefits.

BioActive Carbon makes scheduling a breeze. You can take it either with food or away from food. It doesn’t matter. This is because it’s so selective in what it binds. It only binds the bad stuff you’re trying to eliminate.

Moreover, you can either take it in capsules or empty the contents into water or another beverage. This is helpful if you have trouble swallowing pills or want to adjust the dose.

BioActive Carbon is a very fine powder that dissolves quickly and easily. It doesn’t have much of a flavor, so it goes down without a fuss.

Taking old-school binders in water is much trickier. They don’t dissolve well and taste kind of like dirt.

Watch a demonstration of how easily BioActive Carbon dissolves:

The Great Multitasker

BioActive Carbon is kind of like a garbage truck, food delivery van, and electrician all in one. It could support your health in numerous ways.

It’s the ultimate, user-friendly binder that you can take when it’s convenient, rather than carefully timed around an empty stomach. What’s more, it can enter the far corners of your body to clear out numerous types of toxins.

At the same time, BioActive Carbon gives your body nutrients it lacks and helps keep the minerals in your body in balance. It can travel from cell to cell, delivering what’s needed for ultimate repair. It also can donate electrons to supercharge your cells and promote healing.

Have you started taking advantage of the benefits of BioActive Carbon?
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