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13 Benefits of Natural Parasite Cleansing (Plus Some Hockey)

Are you one of those people that think "parasite infection can't happen to me!" You might want to think again. Parasites are always playing like it's the final game of the season, and they only play to win. They prey on anyone, anywhere — even young healthy athletes. 

As recently reported in sports blog Deadspin:

"Columbus Blue Jackets prospect and former Miami (Ohio) hockey player Carson Meyer might look really tired in (this photo) from a June 2017 interview, but any visible gauntness might be from the fact that he had a tapeworm in his body for, according to doctors, a full year." (1)

Parasites attacked Carson Meyer

“Meyer’s 2017-18 season with the RedHawks was totally derailed because of the parasite, as The Athletic’s Aaron Portzline reported in lovely detail. The prospect had no appetite, lost weight, and was falling asleep during drills. Test results couldn’t pinpoint it to mononucleosis or something similar. Meyer finally discovered what was draining his energy when he sat on the toilet in February:

“I was going to the bathroom, just like normal,” Meyer said. “And it came out.”
It was a 25-inch tapeworm — the head, the neck and all of the segments, about 50 of them. It was orange. Meyer almost fainted.
“I FaceTimed my mom and was like, ‘What is this thing?’ ” Meyer said. “I was freaking out. Absolutely freaking out.”
Holly Meyer said she’s never been so horrified, or relieved.
“I was trying to be calm,” she said. “He showed me everything and I remember saying, you have to get that to the trainer and figure out what it is so they can get you fixed."
“And I did say at that moment, ‘This is why everything has been the way it’s been, Carson. This was it.’ It was scary, but it was a relief.” 

Doctors believed Meyer’s specific parasite was diphyllobothrium latum, which comes from eating undercooked fish. 

Parasites Prey on Anyone 

25-inch worms sound like something you'd see in a horror movie. Unfortunately, it can happen. There are thousands of types of parasites that can enter your body in a variety of ways — most often orally — causing symptoms much less obvious than extreme weight loss.

These symptoms can include:

  • Breathing issues 
  • Chronic headaches
  • Digestive issues
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Joint swelling and arthritic type pain
  • Increased susceptibility to bacteria and fungus
  • Muscle wasting and muscle weakness
  • Skin rashes and other allergic reactions
  • Vertigo

The signs you have a parasitic infection can sometimes seem random, and you'll end up attributing your symptoms to something else. Which is a huge mistake because you'll never get rid of the true cause. They will succeed in holding you back from your most optimal health, but they don't have to!

Parasites lurk in every place they are most likely to find a host — YOU!

They are waiting to ambush you in:

  • Contaminated drinking water (even "cleaned" city  water can have parasites!)
  • Cross-contaminated foods
  • Lakes and streams
  • Any surface an infected person has touched (especially washrooms)

You’re even more susceptible to parasitic infection if you have a weakened immune system. A chronic infection like Lyme disease can double your trouble since parasites carry Lyme inside them and continuously reinfect you. Even a simple tooth infection can weaken you and make you a more likely target. This is because your body becomes a hospitable host for pathogens. Other infections allow them to thrive inside of you because your body is busy fighting elsewhere. Your immune system is too exhausted to keep the parasites in check.

Though parasites can cause you uncomfortable symptoms, research suggests that they could cause you even more serious problems. One study revealed liver flukes, in particular, can lead to cholangiocarcinoma. (2) This can be a bigger issue in certain parts of the world, but it can happen anywhere.

Other parasites can leave you malnourished and lacking vital nutrients, leading to severe fatigue, pain, and failure to thrive -- such as was the case with Carson Meyer. Your body may be able to hold out for a time, but even the fittest, most athletic, need help in this pathogen fight.

Can I Test for Parasites? 

If you’re thinking, ‘I’ll just go to my doctor’s office and ask for a parasite test so I can stop worrying,’ it’s not that simple. Testing you for parasites is incredibly difficult, and there are few (if any) accurate tests that are comprehensive enough to cover every type of infection you may have. Most lab tests are only looking for certain “common” helminths and protozoa. Many tests will only be accurate if your stool sample is viewed immediately. Parasites release enzymes that start to dissolve their bodies once they die. Your parasites will be long gone by the time a lab tech gets to your sample.  

Parasite cleansing isn't something the odd person needs. It's something everyone needs! If you have a pulse, you probably have parasites.

You might think you don't have because you don't see them. It’s not likely that you’d ever see most of these bugs in your own stool even though they are probably there. 70% of parasites are completely microscopic, meaning even if you’re killing them off during your cleanse, you won’t see them on the way out.

Many parasites are highly intelligent and able to alter their particular life cycle and reproduction pattern to allow them the best chance at survival inside your body. They can evolve or adapt to hide (so your immune system doesn’t see them as invaders), so we’ve got to outsmart them. 

13 Benefits of Natural Parasite Cleansing

Here are some benefits of natural parasite cleansing to look forward to:

  1. Improved digestion: Many parasites like hiding in your liver, bile duct, and intestines. Once they’re eliminated, you will notice improved digestion. The liver produces bile, which pushes through biliary tubes to reach the bile duct. Your gallbladder stores the bile, releasing it when you eat to help emulsify fats. If any of your digestive organs are full of parasites, they won’t work optimally, upsetting your digestion. This causes you other health issues, like allergies or pain. To work on your liver and gallbladder health during your parasite cleanse, focus on castor oil packs and coffee enemas.
  2. Heightened mental clarity: Have you ever struggled with brain fog? You can’t remember something for the life of you, even though it feels right on the tip of your tongue? You have to re-read the same sentence over and over but you just can’t process it like you used to be able to? Brain fog has many potential causes, but neurotoxins released by parasites could be one of them. After cleansing, you will notice your mental acuity becomes sharper and your thinking becomes clearer.
  3. Increased energy: You can imagine that having hundreds and thousands of parasites stealing all your nutrients and minerals can cause some serious fatigue. Often, doctors can’t pinpoint the cause of the fatigue and may diagnose you with fibromyalgia or irritable bowel, but the root cause could be parasites. Certain pathogens, like hookworms and babesia, can cause anemia because they affect your blood. Battling these overgrowths will surely restore your energy and vitality, without extra cups of coffee. Being able to absorb the nutrients you intake rather than having them stolen will help you get back to normal energy levels. 
  4. Disappearing rashes or skin sores: Your skin is an organ of elimination. Toxins, parasites, and even eggs can exit your body through your skin and cause itchy rashes or sores. Plus, some ingredients in a natural parasite cleanse products are broad-spectrum herbs that target not only parasites, but bacteria, heavy metals, toxins, and Candida. That means your parasite cleanse is actually cleansing more than JUST parasites. It's also tackling pathogens that might be causing you skin rashes, too. Either way, you may find your skin clears up after parasite-cleansing. Essential oils can help temporarily with skin irritation while you are evicting your unwanted guests.
  5. More stable mood: Health and wellness experts know that parasites mess with more than your digestion. If you've felt increased irritability, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders parasites can cause that. Rest assured you are not alone. With infections like Lyme, the chemistry of the brain is affected, as well as neurotransmitters, as neurotoxins build up and alter mood severely. It’s fairly common that you might experience a flare of mood-related symptoms while actively cleansing, but then to enjoy a much more stable mood afterward.
  6. Reduced cravings: Parasites get energy from sugar, so it’s not surprising that they can manipulate you to crave ice cream, crackers, and bread. During a parasite cleanse, it’s important to eliminate sugar and grains so you’re not feeding the pathogens. You will notice cravings start to disappear as you eliminate parasites.
  7. Healthier joints: Parasites release toxins that cause systemic inflammation, which can cause you joint and muscle pain. Additionally, some experts believe parasites can seek out your old injuries to settle into, making soreness in those areas even worse. While cleansing, an infrared heating pad or sauna can help with pain. Taking an Epsom salts bath can also relieve joint pain.  
  8. Better respiratory health: Certain parasites, like lung flukes, live in the lungs and affect your respiratory health directly. Other parasites release toxins that may affect your respiratory system causing shortness of breath, air hunger, burning lungs, or other symptoms. Try a Himalayan salt inhaler to naturally calm irritated airways temporarily while you cleanse out the critters. Your parasite cleanse might be the "breath of fresh air" you've been waiting for.
  9. Fewer headaches: Do you ever get unexplained migraines that are so debilitating, you’re nauseous for 24-hours and can’t handle the slightest light or quietest sound? Or just frequent dull headaches that don’t go away no matter how much water you drink? If you have neurological Lyme or parasites that have an affinity for the brain, you may experience severe headaches as a result of the infection. Don’t be discouraged if you experience some headaches during your cleanse, though. As with many of the above benefits, you may experience a slight worsening of current symptoms before you experience an improvement. Peppermint or lavender essential oils might provide you temporary pain relief.
  10. Stronger immune system: Parasites are intelligent creatures, with the ability to trick the immune system into thinking they belong in the body and shouldn’t be attacked. This ensures their own survival, but over time weakens your immune system. These parasites, now safe from being attacked, happily feast on all the nutrients and vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal health. Parasites weakening your immune system leaves you open to other infections as well. (3 
  11. Enhanced absorption of nutrients: When you no longer have pathogens stealing your nutrients, you’ll really start to notice true health. You will have clearer skin, stronger nails, hair that grows longer and thicker, and better sleep.  When the parasites are gone, you’re actually getting all the nutrition from your food and supplements.
  12. Minimized bloating, gas, and cramping: Once you get deep into a parasite cleansing, you should notice less gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and other stomach issues. That doesn’t mean the cleansing process will be free of those symptoms -- it’s likely they could flare up as you’re eliminating pathogens. Coffee enemas should help provide support for your liver and clear the bugs out faster.
  13. More optimal overall health: No matter your symptoms, one thing is clear: If you’re dealing with parasites, cleansing them will improve your overall health.

Freedom From Freeloaders = A New Life!

Parasite cleansing doesn't have to be scary or intimidating. In fact, it will be liberating! It can liberate you from the symptoms holding you back like:

  • migraines
  • digestive upset
  • joint problems
  • chronic pain
  • skin problems
  • breathing issues
  • brain fog and memory problems

Take back what you lost when parasites took over. Get back to your happy, healthy self. 

What goals and dreams will you focus on when you are freed from parasites?