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Are You Feeding Parasites? What Not to Eat If You Have a Parasite

Great health can happen from the little choices you make every day. Disease and poor health can creep up on your past choices that have been less than favorable. Choices you fail to make because at the moment you feel it doesn’t matter, or the “I’ll do it tomorrow” mentality can have a far greater impact than you may realize.

When you aren’t experiencing health issues in the present, you may fail to notice that these seemingly innocent choices leave you vulnerable to infections and chronic issues.

Due to your busy lifestyle and overindulging, not just during family celebrations and national holidays, but regularly, your immune systems can become taxed. Your immune system gets to a breaking point and has trouble protecting and defending you when your body is confronted with pathogens that threaten your well-being. (1)

Parasites are ever-present and take advantage of you when your body is weakened by poor food and lifestyle choices.

How Could I Get a Parasite? Do We All Have Parasites?

Parasitic infection is far more common than you may realize. Most people believe and are under the impression that individuals in developed nations can only contract parasites by visiting countries far removed from them with poor water treatment or by eating undercooked meat. (2)

This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Besides contaminated drinking water or meats, parasites can come from insect bites and even beloved family pets can transfer parasites to you. You can get parasites in the body from activities like gardening, swimming in a lake or creek, or a weekend hike.

It’s extremely likely that you have been exposed to and could be home to these freeloaders. Who hasn’t had an insect bite or been around a pet? To get rid of these creepy critters, you can do a parasite cleanse. (3, 4)

This sounds simple enough. 

Unfortunately, the modern-day eating habits of the vast majority of people can make completing a successful parasite cleanse more challenging. (5)

Do Parasites Like Sugar?

Parasites directly depend on their host for their nourishment and protection. They cannot make their food. These pathogens worm their way into your body and make themselves at home. They steal the nutrients you consume to not just feast for themselves but to lay eggs and take over more territory in their host. (6)

Parasites do not stick to one organ system either. They can travel to all organ systems, even the brain. Wherever parasites travel, they create dysfunction and disease in those tissues. Your normal bodily processes are disrupted, and your health can swiftly decline. All the more reason to take action against them with an effective parasite cleanse. (7)

So this begs the questions: 

  • Do parasites feed on sugar?
  • What foods feed parasites? 

The answer is a resounding yes. Parasites use sugar as their primary source of energy. They cannot survive without a steady supply. If their energy source is removed, eventually, they won’t be able to reproduce. (8)

To win the war and accomplish a natural parasite cleanse, you have to create an anti-parasitic environment depleted of what gives them energy. This is easier said than done since patterns and lifestyles in the United States and across the globe have evolved to include staggering amounts of sugar. (9)

The Not So Sweet Side of Sugar

The United States ranks number one on average per person sugar consumption at a whopping 126.40 grams per day. That is the equivalent of over 30 teaspoons of sugar for every country's man, woman, and child. Besides laying out the welcome mat and providing a perfect home for parasites, high sugar consumption comes with a frightening list of other potential diseases and side effects. (10)

An average can of soda has approximately seven teaspoons of sugar. That particular portion size doesn’t sound so scary at first until you realize that most drinks that accompany a fast food or restaurant meal are much larger and are often 2 or 3 times the size of a can. Those sugar amounts don’t include the dips, sauces, and breading that harbor much more sugar than you imagine. Hidden sugars in commercial salad dressings, sweetened yogurts, and cereals advertised as healthy are sabotaging even those attempting to make better food choices. (11, 12)

Your liver processes sugar much the same way it does alcohol. This can cause the liver to swell and damage. Lowering your sugar intake can help prevent this. (13, 14)

Type two diabetes is another danger with excessive sugar intake. 

Your body produces insulin to regulate blood sugar levels to keep them within safe, healthy limits — not too high, not too low. Chronically elevated sugar levels exhaust the pancreas to the point it cannot keep up with the demand to produce insulin to keep blood glucose within the safe parameters. 

Eventually, a person not willing to reduce dietary sugar will have to take insulin to control their blood sugar concentrations. Chronically high glucose levels result in damage to the brain, heart, nerves, kidneys, and even diabetic coma. (15)

What Foods Feed Parasites?

During a parasite cleanse, the number one thing to avoid is their main fuel source. 

Is sugar the only thing to avoid? Where does sugar lurk? 

Cookies, cakes, candy, and artificially colored cereals are obvious sugar sources. But as stated above, there are some seemingly healthy foods with high sugar content, sometimes more than the cookies. (16)

You can find a surprising amount of sugar in:

  • Applesauce
  • Canned fruits and vegetables
  • Coleslaw
  • Dried fruit 
  • Flavored coffee and bottled tea
  • Flavored oatmeal
  • Frozen meals
  • Granola bars 
  • Jams
  • Jerky and other processed meats
  • Ketchup
  • Muffins and bagels 
  • Non-dairy milk
  • Nut butter and other sandwich spreads
  • Orange juice
  • Protein powders and bars
  • Sauces like BBQ, teriyaki, honey mustard, sweet and sour 
  • Salad dressing 
  • Smoothies 
  • Yogurt

    As you can see, these everyday foods are loaded with sugar, making every day a holiday feast for parasites. Not only does your sugar intake skyrocket, but your intake of fiber and nutritious foods plummet as you swap one for the other. 

    Your body begins to crave sweets, causing you to reach for them even more. All this increased sugar dampens your immune system. This ends up letting the parasites settle down for an extended stay. (17, 18)

    Parasite Purge Diet: Foods That Kill Parasites 

    Now that you know what makes these parasites feel like they have access to everything and anything in the house, how do you get them to leave? 

    How do you make a clean sweep of them now and also prevent them from returning? What are the steps to a natural parasite cleanse?

    1. First, you must ruthlessly eliminate their primary fuel source. Remove all the obvious and hidden sugar suppliers in your meals. 
    2. Second, replace the hidden sugary substances with foods and choices like these: 
      • Add green onion or garlic and fresh herbs like turmeric or oregano for a burst of flavor. 
      • Cook up fresh, unprocessed meats and organic eggs for your protein sources. 
      • Create low-carb side dishes, or consider a crisp salad topped with a tangy, homemade apple cider vinegar dressing. 
      • Include coconut oil in your food preparation which has natural anti-parasitic properties as well. 
      • Reach for crunchy nuts or vegetables as snacks instead of the usual soda and potato chip combo of the past. 
      • Swing by your local farmer's market. You’ll find many fresh foods and healthy alternatives that could be cheaper than conventional grocery store options.

      In swapping out the standard sugary choices the parasites are accustomed to for the high-fiber, nutrient-dense ones they are not, you’ll send them a clear message that they will need to find food somewhere else.

      Next, be patient with yourself during this transitional phase. 

      For a brief time, parasites can revolt because you’ve disturbed their comfy, sugary environment. This could stir up symptoms and cravings, much the way cleaning out a closet makes a room look worse temporarily before it looks better. But as your blood sugar levels start to stabilize and the parasites begin to leave, you will crave these new healthy foods. (19)

      Laying Out the “Not Welcome” Mat

      Did you know that your taste buds only live for approximately 10-21 days? 

      While you are simultaneously training the parasites their present home is no longer welcoming them, you will train your taste buds to desire these new health-boosting foods. You’ll begin to truly desire the foods nature intended for us to eat rather than artificial prepackaged foods that only rob you of health, suppress the immune system, and feed the parasites. (20)

      After you get rid of the parasite's food, it's time to push them out of your body. 

      The pathways out of your body mustn’t be blocked. Your initial groundwork for ensuring the hallways of your body are clear and flowing so pathogens can leave your gut. The gut is the gateway to health, both in what you absorb and successfully eliminate. (21)

      The additional fiber you’ve added with the new food choices is a great start. 

      This will begin to displace the parasites from your body. But to maximize the effectiveness, provide extra support with herbs to help with bowel movement. 

      The lymphatic system needs tremendous support to drain the pathogens living there since its network is not made out of muscles like your intestines are. Your kidneys and liver are also favorite parasite hang-outs and may require herbal support as well. 

      Binders can also help bind these toxins and have therapeutic properties to help support detox and feed the good bacteria in the gut. (22, 23)

      Watch your energy levels soar once you remove these toxic metabolites from parasites.

      Foods to Eat on a Parasite Cleanse: A Real Reason to Celebrate

      When it comes to getting rid of parasites, it’s essential to pay attention to what you put in your body. This involves eating foods that parasites hate. You can decide to not give parasites the satisfaction of leaching nutrients from your body.

      A successful, natural parasite cleanse can take time, some planning, and discipline. But the resulting revival of your health, energy levels, and detox pathways will be well worth the effort when you decide to eat foods that kill parasites. 

      Eliminating sugar will also help you avoid some very serious chronic diseases. When it comes to parasites and sugar, it’s the number one parasite cleanse foods to avoid. 

      With all those advantages, you will have something to celebrate.