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How to Do a Lunar Cycle Challenge

Parasites are unwelcome guests. They show up unannounced — you likely don’t even know they’ve taken up residence inside your body. Then, they use your body as a luxury hotel, digging in for an extended stay. They eat your food, suck up your nutrients, drain your energy, compromise your gut health, and leave behind a toxic mess.

And while you might succeed in kicking some of them out with a parasite cleanse, others linger deep in hard to reach places, such as your muscle tissue or liver bile duct. If you’re in this (literal) can of worms, it’s time to give your long-term “guests” an extra push to leave with a Lunar Cycle Challenge.

Why You Should Evict Parasites

It’s commonplace to deworm cattle, horses, and pets regularly. Yet, a misconception persists that it’s unusual for people to have parasitic infections. Unfortunately, that is not the reality of human parasitic infection.

You might think, “No way! Parasites? Not me!” But it's much easier to acquire a parasite infection than you might realize. Parasites are everywhere, in all climates and every place around the globe — not just third world countries. (1)

But did you know that merely walking barefoot outside is one of the many ways you could acquire a parasite infection? These critters can also sneak inside you when your fur baby sleeps in your bed, you swim in a lake, eat raw sushi, etc. These trespassers can be so tiny that you need a microscope to see them or can be more than four feet long. (2)

Intestinal parasites can live inside your gut for months or years before you notice any symptoms. Your body is warm, cozy, and has room service. Every time you eat, they eat. They gobble up whatever they need and may leave little for you. (3)

Unfortunately, conventional medicine overlooks parasitic infections, a primary root cause of many health problems. Many parasites are undetectable or unseen in stool tests. If you struggle with anxiety, chronic bloating, fatigue, low energy, and other “mystery” symptoms, you may have exhausted all solutions to get better and stay better, without much success. (4)

Parasitic infections may contribute to nutritional deficiencies of some vitamins and minerals. Here are some deficits you may develop and why these nutrients are essential: (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)

  • Vitamin A: Needed for eye and immune system health 
  • Vitamin B12: Required for energy, brain function, and DNA production
  • Copper: Required for mitochondrial function, as well as bone and collagen strength 
  • Iron: Helps transport oxygen as part of hemoglobin in red blood cells
  • Magnesium: Crucial for over 300 biochemical reactions in your body 
  • Zinc: Necessary for enzyme function, immune health, and wound healing 

Parasites have a vested interest in depriving you of nutrients. For example, zinc bolsters your immune system, presenting a threat to parasites. Robbing you of zinc helps them solidify their stronghold in you, their host. (16)

These unwelcome visitors can also steal your macronutrients — the carbohydrates, fats, and protein that you ingest. Moreover, as they subtly reduce your nutrient absorption, they increase inflammation and compromise your gut health. (17, 18, 19)

Long-term parasite infections can be stubborn, and the moochers aren’t easily evicted from your body. A challenge that can help shove them out the door is the Lunar Cycle Challenge.

    The Lunar Cycle Challenge

    Launch a parasite-killing breakthrough with the Lunar Cycle Challenge parasite cleanse!

    Everything in nature has cycles, including the moon. Throughout history, people have connected the fullest phase of the moon with strange behavior in both animals and humans. More recently, this phase has been linked with increased parasite activity. (20, 21, 22)

    Why is that? Some unique things happen in your body and the parasites who use you as a comfortable hideaway. This increased activity is due to parasites looking for the best times to be active and reproduce. 

    Levels of the hormone melatonin fall during this time as well. Melatonin functions as a neurotransmitter — a brain and nervous system chemical messenger. It not only helps you sleep, but it also helps control your immune system. (23, 24)

    You need a well-functioning immune defense to fend off a parasite infection. When melatonin decreases, there is less immunity to combat parasites. The pesky critters take advantage of this and become more active. (24, 25

    Additionally, levels of serotonin, one of your “feel-good” neurotransmitters, are also affected. Unlike melatonin, serotonin increases during the fullest phase of the moon. (26, 27)

    There are serotonin receptors on human cells and parasites as well. Parasitic worms use serotonin to help them move. When they have access to higher serotonin levels during this moon’s phase, they can move around more freely. Without it, they’re paralyzed. (28, 29)

    The increased activity of parasites during and around this time of the lunar cycle provides an ideal opportunity to evict the critters using a parasite cleanse. That’s why we recommend doing a Lunar Cycle Challenge and increasing parasite-killing herbs during this time. 

    If you take the necessary natural remedies to wallop the freeloaders when they are more active, they clear out more quickly and thoroughly. 

    Turn the tables on them. Increase your parasite cleanse as they’re coming out of their hiding places.

    How to do the Lunar Cycle Challenge 

    You start the challenge shortly BEFORE the fullest phase of the moon and complete it shortly AFTER the fullest moon phase. The length of this parasite cleanse ranges from 3 to 5 to 7 days, based on your individual tolerance.

    There are three levels of the challenge: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced:

    • Beginner 3-day = start challenge one day before the fullest phase of the moon and end one day after
    • Intermediate 5-day = start the challenge two days before the fullest phase of the moon and end it two days after
    • Advanced 7-day = start challenge three days before the fullest phase of the moon and end three days after

    how to do the lunar cycle challenge

    During this time, you’ll take nutritional support used for killing parasites. Add botanicals that support the body and target killing parasites to your parasite cleanse.

    To help support detox and benefit the gut, add binders to your lunar cycle parasite cleanse. Binders also bind the biological toxins and debris that killing parasites leaves behind.

     Follow these steps to complete the challenge:

    1. Take steps to ensure your drainage pathways are moving well.
      1. Continue taking bowel-moving herbs and support lymphatic drainage before, during, and after your Lunar Cycle Challenge parasite cleanse. 
      2. Increasing this support is crucial to eliminating toxins and debris released by dying parasites. Particularly if you tend to become “backed up” easily, you need to keep your drainage pathways open to expel the critters as they die.
    2. Choose whether you’ll do a 3, 5, or 7-day Lunar Cycle Challenge.
      1. You’ll dose with the parasite-killing herbs one, two, or three days before and after the fullest phase of the moon.
      2. Include the actual day, making for a 3, 5, or 7-day total parasite cleanse.
    3. Take your herbs and botanicals at higher than the recommended amounts during your Lunar Cycle Challenge parasite cleanse.
      1. Up the ante on dosing to kill the critters when they’re most active.
      2. If you start to feel ill or react with side effects at higher dosages, focus on opening drainage pathways or back off the dosing a bit to better tolerate the die-off reactions that may occur while killing parasites.

      The 5-day and 7-day Lunar Cycle Challenges aren't recommended if you’re brand new to parasite cleansing. Taking high doses too soon may cause die-off (Herxheimer) reactions. When your body isn't able to clear out dying parasites and their toxins quickly enough, it can lead to an increase in your symptoms. (30, 31)

      General timeframe for parasite cleansing is 4-6 months. Remember, one go-around with this challenge may not clear everything out.

      And since there are thirteen major moons every calendar year, this means thirteen opportunities to take control of your health and experience greater levels of well-being.

      Additional Tips for the Lunar Cycle Challenge Parasite Cleanse

      Bowel movements

      Keep tabs on your bowel movements. A few people may develop loose stools on this challenge. If this is you, slow down on the challenge to your tolerance level.

      On the other hand, some people may get constipated during the parasite cleanse. If you’re prone to constipation, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Three other suggestions to help keep your bowels moving are: (32, 33)

      • Increase your intake of bowel-moving herbs. If you kill parasites but don't push them out quickly enough, your symptoms may worsen.
      • Consider doing coffee enemas to help you excrete toxins. This may help prevent your liver bile duct from becoming clogged while the parasites are moving out. 
      • Take a magnesium dietary support before bed to help your bowels move.

      Many people will have neither loose stools nor constipation during the challenge.

      • Bloating: Bloating often results as toxins accumulate.
        • If it occurs, focus on ensuring your drainage and detox pathways are open and free-flowing, using targeted drainage products. 
        • You may also want to consider backing off your dosages a bit until your body is no longer overburdened with die-off toxins.
      • Brain fog: A parasite cleanse can trigger brain fog if your brain is not draining well. 
        • The brain has its own drainage process through its glymphatic system. 
        • The glymphatic system kicks into high gear while you sleep, removing the toxic elements contributing to fogginess, concentration issues, memory problems, and inflammation in your brain. 
        • Combat brain fog and similar symptoms by getting more sleep and increasing the drainage in your lymphatic system. 
      • Low energy: It’s not unusual for your energy to wane during a Lunar Cycle Challenge, or any parasite cleanse, for that matter. 
        • If it does, focus on opening your drainage pathways — the colon, liver, liver bile duct, kidneys, and lymphatic system. 
        • If the toxins and debris you’re releasing from parasite die-off can’t exit your body, you could experience energy loss, along with other unpleasant die-off reactions. 

      Also, consider supporting your mitochondria while you perform the Lunar Cycle Challenge. Mitochondria, as you likely remember from biology class, are the energy-producing structures within your cell. 

        Tackle Your Tenacious Tenants

        Your uninvited guests are quite happy for you to host their sit-in long term. The longer you let them stay, the more territory they’ll claim. The longer they hang out, the bigger the mess they’ll make. That means more of your cells, tissues, and organ systems could be affected.

        If you’ve reached a standstill in evicting parasites, take advantage of parasites’ increased activity during the fullest phase of the moon and complete the Lunar Cycle Challenge