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When "Toxic" is Safe?

In your quest for vibrant health, you are aware that what you consume on a daily basis is critically important. Maybe you choose organic to reduce the amount of pesticides you are exposed to. You make a point of wisely choosing your food to get the optimum level of nutrients. You might filter your water to remove chlorine and fluoride. Every day you make little choices to enhance your health and protect yourself.

So when you hear about heavy metals and how they can be detrimental to your health, naturally you become concerned. You hear stories like:

  • Baby food having extremely high levels of toxic heavy metals
  • Plant protein powders having high levels of lead and other heavy metals
  • Dental amalgams as a source of mercury
  • Certain types of fish containing high amounts of heavy metals (especially farmed fish)
  • People getting gadolinium poisoning from MRI contrast
  • Some ceramic items and even toys having high lead content
  • Cosmetic and body care products with high heavy metal content
  • Fulvic and humic acid containing heavy metals

Which scenarios should you be truly concerned about? Is there a difference when heavy metals and minerals are in food or plant-based supplements? What about other forms? Or are they always toxic no matter where they come from?

There is a difference. Where these heavy metals come from matters.

Organic Heavy Metals vs Inorganic

Metals are all around you. Your vehicles are made with heavy metals. The buildings you work and live in will have some heavy metals in them. The device you are reading this on will have heavy metals in it. Your clothes might have traces of heavy metals in zippers and buttons. Soil, air, water, and food have heavy metals in them.

When exactly do they become dangerous?

Most heavy metals are actually needed in tiny amounts for us to be healthy.

Let’s take nickel for example. We need this particular heavy metal in small bioavailable amounts for:

  • Breaking down urea in the body (without it, we’d get urea toxicity)
  • Enhancing the activity of hormones
  • Lipid metabolism (1)
  • And preventing iron deficiency

It’s in a variety of popular foods like tea, nuts and seeds, and chocolate. These are bioavailable “organic” forms. Forms and amounts that are typically safe. We are meant to consume these tiny amounts to carry out the bodily functions we just covered.

But in larger amounts from inorganic sources, nickel can:

  • Cause skin allergies
  • Stimulate genetic damage
  • Create liver toxicity
  • Hurt the unborn
  • Harm our immune system
  • And cause cancer

These problems come from more dangerous forms of nickel that your body cannot use. They are inorganic. This is the type we’d want to heavy metal detox from. They are also in higher concentrations. The following ways expose us to the dangerous form of nickel:

  • Pollution from vehicles of manufacturing
  • Contaminated water supplies (the pollution from manufacturing seeps into water tables)
  • Jewelry
  • Cookware made with nickel
  • Tobacco smoke

Obviously where and how much nickel we are exposed to matters!

Let’s examine another heavy metal, copper.

Copper is another heavy metal that we need for excellent health. We need copper for:

  • Strong, healthy connective tissue (ligaments, cartilage and all collagen in our bodies)
  • Healthy mitochondria and energy production (2)
  • Production of our own “in-house” antioxidants like SOD
  • The formation of red blood cells
  • Fighting infections
  • Absorbing and using iron (3)
  • The production of certain enzymes and proteins
  • Wound healing
  • And bone health (4)

Clearly, we need copper! It’s critical to make building blocks in our body. Nature has provided us with some pretty delicious sources too -- nuts and seeds, avocados, dates, and chocolate have the bioavailable copper our bodies are looking for.

What happens if we develop copper toxicity from inorganic copper that our body can’t utilize? It builds up and gets retained in our liver, impairing the liver’s ability to detox. This ironically inhibits us from detoxing the “bad” copper itself.

It then builds up in the brain, joints, and lungs. But instead of helping us to form good, strong healthy tissue, it slowly destroys it. (5) Eventually, it can affect every part of the body. All parts of our body have some degree of connective tissue.

Some ways you could be exposed to inorganic copper could be:

  • Cookware containing copper
  • Contaminated water
  • Birth control (changes the liver and dramatically increases absorption of the inorganic form) (6)
  • Old houses may have copper pipes
  • Some poorly made supplements have the inorganic form

Again, we see that there is evidently a need for this heavy metal. But it can also cause damage, so we need to detox heavy metals that aren’t bioavailable.

It all points back to the form and source of the heavy metal that distinguishes it from a friend or a foe.

When Heavy Metals Are Your Friends

When are heavy metals your friends?

Your body is a complex, step by step, clockwork type system. You need enzymes and cofactors to “unlock” doors and functions. Scientists estimate that you have 75,000 different enzymes in your body! That’s an awful lot of “keys!”  They are divided into two categories:

  • Enzymes for metabolic functions
  • Enzymes that break down and digest food

There is a single element from the periodic table at the core of each enzyme. Then our DNA and RNA have blueprints for all these enzymes that we need. It tells your body how to fold proteins around the core molecule, let’s say copper for example. The protein will fold around the copper molecule to create the right “key” to enable strong connective tissue for instance.

When we have the right starting molecule for all these “keys” everything is fine. Our DNA and RNA have perfect patterns for every enzyme we require. But we have to give it the right molecule to start with. These keys help us create energy and optimize all the “gears” in this clockwork system!

Plant sources of the trace heavy metals we need have gone through a microbial process. Essentially, the plant has “digested” the inorganic heavy metals and minerals it absorbs from the soil. They are soluble and can be utilized in our bodies. These heavy metals can help provide that core molecule to create structures in our body. Proteins CAN fold around them properly to create the keys.

The same process occurs when plants or animals decay. This produces fulvic and humic acids we find in soil. The heavy metals are safe and non-toxic to us when they have gone through this process.

The balance and safety stem from the microbial activity.

When Heavy Metals Are Your Foe

When heavy metals should be avoided

The heavy metals that are not transformed by the microbial process are called free form. Your body is not able to fold proteins around these inorganic molecules. They are not soluble. We cannot make the key our DNA and RNA want to create. That may not sound like a big deal at first glance. Your body will just get a molecule it can make an enzyme out of right? Unfortunately, that is not what happens.

The inorganic or non-soluble heavy metals run around our bodies and refuse to cooperate with our DNA and RNA. The free form heavy metals create damage by:

  • Breaking the strands in our DNA
  • Inhibiting the proteins to repair these DNA breaks
  • And generating many reactive oxygen species which inflame our tissues

Their ability to create damage is from more than one direction. Not only do free form heavy metals break your blueprints for enzymes, but they also stop the proteins that would repair your blueprints. (7) The broken and crumpled blueprints can’t be “read” properly, which then leads to mutations in your DNA. These DNA mutations are the foundation in the formation of cancer. (8) The free form, non-soluble kind are the ones you need to get rid of through heavy metal detox. This will help you prevent DNA mutations.

Heavy Metals And Energy

Have you ever wondered why the dentist puts a lead vest over you for protection when he’s taking X-rays? It absorbs the radiation so our internal organs and thyroid are not harmed.

The inorganic forms of heavy metals absorb energy. Energy is attracted to the “bad” metals. They are low energy molecules, so they steal energy from whatever it is around.

Think about how a sidewalk (inorganic) gets much hotter in the sun than the grass that is right beside it. (organic) The sidewalk is low energy, so it readily absorbs radiation from the sun. It becomes so hot you can’t walk on it with bare feet. The grass is already high energy and remains more stable in its temperature. That’s because it's alive -- high in oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen.

The organic, soluble forms GIVE us energy by creating enzymatic keys for our bodies processes. The inorganic form does just the opposite. It robs energy from our cells. And it also attracts radiation. This makes us more susceptible to electromagnetic radiation damage. You must detox heavy metals that are inorganic so you don’t attract as much radiation energy.

Grappling With Gadolinium

Grappling with Gadolinium

One heavy metal many people are focused on right now is gadolinium. This particular inorganic heavy metal is being used as a contrast media or “dye” during an MRI. It doesn’t actually “dye” anything.

Here’s what happens:

A patient is injected with gadolinium before the MRI begins. When the MRI procedure starts, the magnetic energy from the machine is attracted to the gadolinium contrast. This makes it “light up” so the radiologist gets a better picture of the area of the body being explored.

But is it worth it?

Because this form is inorganic, some people have trouble clearing it out of their bodies. This results in a variety of painful symptoms for them. It can collect in their brain and bones, even if they are relatively healthy people. (9) It can cause organ damage, especially to the kidneys. Our bodies can have trouble with heavy metal detox when it comes to gadolinium contrast.

What about gadolinium sourced from fulvic and humic acid? Can it cause the same issues?

The inorganic gadolinium contrast is not bound to carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. That would raise its energy. It is a super low energy molecule. Radiologists want it to be so that it absorbs energy from the magnet to create a better image. But this is also what makes it toxic to us.

Naturally occurring gadolinium in BioActive Carbon Minerals is HIGH energy. It’s bound to carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen chains. It doesn’t seek your energy but gives you its energy. Because your cells have no need for gadolinium to create enzymes or energy, it doesn’t let it off the chain. Instead, it does the opposite.  

When it comes to heavy metals, likes attract likes. The organic form of gadolinium grabs onto the inorganic gadolinium in your body. The “bad” gadolinium is attracted to the high energy state of the “good” gadolinium. It catches it like a sponge. Then ushers it out of your body.

Remember, the difference in whether a heavy metal is a friend or a foe is if it has gone through the microbial process. Inorganic vs organic. Gadolinium found in BioActive Carbon is not toxic.

How to Detox Heavy Metals and Prevent Heavy Metal Toxicity

Having the right kind of heavy metals at the right levels is a balancing act that our bodies are always engaged in. We require some for good health. But others rob us of health and create the need for heavy metal detox.

The balance comes in two actions:

  • Bind the bad
  • Build the good

Both are needed.

Bind The Bad

The first thing we need to do is remove the inorganic heavy metals. BioActive Carbon products help your body do this beautifully. They contain the good forms of all heavy metals. Because they are bound to high energy carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, the “bad” is attracted to it. The high energy also makes it strong enough to not let go of it. BioActive Carbon also helps get it out of your body instead of merely redistributing it.

Build The Good

BioActive Carbons HAVE gone through a microbial process. They are completely saturated with the bioavailable forms of the heavy metals we need for great health. As they remove the toxic heavy metals, they leave the right ones. Now we can make the enzymes, and building blocks need for our clockwork system to work optimally.

Having an ample amount of the organic heavy metals that we do need also helps prevent accumulating the inorganic. For example, lead mimics other essential heavy metals like calcium, iron, and zinc. It’s like a key that fits into a lock, but it won’t actually turn to move the deadbolt. It can’t unlock the door. It blocks our enzymes from doing their job which disrupts our metabolic systems.

If there is an abundant amount of good metals and minerals, there will be less opportunity for lead to “clog up” our locks. (10) We will have less need to detox from heavy metals.

Putting Concerns In The Right Place

You are right in having concerns about heavy metals. After all, the wrong ones can contribute to disease.

Focusing on knowing the right forms of heavy metals can take away the fear and empower you instead. Organic heavy metals from plant sources and BioActive Carbons give you the good kind you need. They also help you get rid of the kind you don’t.

Are you getting enough of the right minerals and heavy metals? 

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