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H. Pylori: Friend or Foe?

It's likely we all have some H. pylori in our bodies. But some become sick, whereas others don't even notice. Discover the pros and cons to this bacteria, and ways to keep them balanced for your own benefit.

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Your Complete Guide to Healthy Travel and Post-Vacation Recovery

Here’s your complete guide on how to stay healthy while traveling, including what to pack, the most common travel-related health complications, and how to do a post-vacation detox.

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When Good Bugs Go Bad: How Toxins and Terrain Are at the Root of Disease

Foundational medicine looks to find the root causes of disease, rather than simply treating symptoms. The body's terrain plays a critical role in how we respond to external causes of disease — and if the bacteria and other bugs naturally found in our body turn harmful. Learn how to support a balanced internal environment for long-term wellness.

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13 Health Benefits of Getting in Touch with Nature

Do you feel better when you are outside in nature? You are not alone. The sounds, sights, smells, and feelings of the natural world can be mentally and spiritually restorative. But did you know that being in touch with nature can also help support good physical health? Read for 13 top health benefits of being in nature.

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Why Detox Matters for Metabolism and Weight Loss

When you think "weight loss," you may not immediately think "detox." But you should. Toxins and other harmful substances can interfere with your metabolism and weight-loss goals. Of course, diet and exercise are crucial, but progress can be halted without a healthy internal terrain.

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This Will Make Your Head Spin! What Causes Vertigo and How to Address It

If you ever get a sense of dizziness or feel like you might lose your balance, you could be experiencing vertigo. It can have a number of underlying causes or triggers, but there is also effective treatment to get yourself back on stable ground.

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What Happens in Vagus: How the Vagus Nerve Affects Your Health

No other nerve has as big of an impact as the vagus nerve. It's the primary control point for a variety of bodily functions, including key areas of rest and recovery. To avoid potential health problems or getting stuck in chronic healing mode, pay attention to the vagus nerve and look for ways to stimulate it.

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