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BioActive Essential Minerals: Do You Have Everything You Need?

Don't rely on mineral water to get the essential bioactive minerals that your body needs. Discover what essentials minerals are critical, which require daily intake, and two easy steps to get more minerals in your life.


Are You Feeding Parasites?

You might be surprised by what parasites feed on and how much of your everyday activities and food choices could potentially be increasing your likelihood of exposure and infection. Read on to find out more and learn how to cleanse parasites out of your systems.

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The Female Cycle and Detox

Sometimes going through a detox process and tackling unwanted pathogens has unexpected impacts on the female cycle. Read more to find out how estrogen hormones work with pathogens and how to get back on the right track.

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10 Important Benefits of Fulvic Acid

This unknown substance has many hidden health benefits. Learn how this dirt derived super nutrient can boost your immune system, support your brain health, reduce pain, and so much more.

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12 Parasite Die-Off Symptoms and How to Fight Them

Parasites have a wide rang of symptoms and impact a lot of daily functions. There are both natural and supplemental ways to fight them off and help your body return to its natural state of health.

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13 Benefits of Natural Parasite Cleansing (Plus Some Hockey)

Parasite cleansing doesn't have to be scary or intimidating. It can provide relief from a variety of symptoms, like migraines, digestive upset, chronic pain, and many others. It’s important to give your body the right support. Microbe Formulas can provide that support your body needs to successfully cleanse and move forward. 

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Detox Starts with Drainage

The current state of Western medicine is all about the convenience of a “label.” See how eschewing labels and embracing results-oriented actions can move you forward.

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