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Can Gut Bacteria Impact Your Happiness?

  • By Caylie Shelton
  • ·
  • 19 Nov 20

Microbe Formulas Experts Explain the Role Gut Microbes Play in Mental Health

Boise, Idaho, November 19, 2020— Anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns can have a devastating impact and are fast-growing world health challenges. Microbe Formulas founders, Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts, believe the biggest leaps in overcoming mental health concerns happen when you address one specific element of your body: gut microbiota.

In the article Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis: Effects on Anxiety, Memory, and More, the doctors outline how the community of microbes in your gut influence what happens overall in your body. Plus, why prioritizing gut health is key for addressing the root of mental health concerns.

Dr. Davidson and Dr. Watts explain, “The microbes and nerves in your body work together like musicians in an orchestra. Your gut microbiota sends ‘notes’ to your brain. These impact your brain function, gut health, and more. If bad musicians (bad bacteria) are on board, health issues can arise. That includes problems like anxiety, depression, leaky gut, and poor memory.”

The doctors add that scientists believe gut dysbiosis, which is an imbalance of healthy gut bacteria, could be a root cause of imbalances in the brain. In other words, your gut health could be intricately linked to your mental health.

So how does your microbiota-gut-brain axis get thrown off in the first place? Unfortunately, by what we’re exposed to daily. For example, antibiotics, heavy metals, parasites, pesticides like glyphosate, stress, and viruses can cause chronic intestinal inflammation and gut toxicity. The good news is you can take steps to remove toxins from your system and support your microbiota-gut-brain axis.

Dr. Davidson and Dr. Watts recommend taking a binder everyday to help clear out toxins. BioActive Carbon is a new category of binders that can help pull out toxins from the cells, gut, and tissues to be safely eliminated through your stool. On the topic of elimination, it’s also important to ensure you’re pooping daily (2-3 times is best). Supporting drainage pathways with herbs like fennel, Mimosa pudica seed, and wormwood may help promote regular bowel function without dependency, and may aid in removing harmful substances.

The doctors add, “When your microbiota and gut-brain connection are in sync, you’re more likely to enjoy the rhythms of good health. It’s like a well-conducted orchestra. Healthy food choices, stress management, and a little physical activity could also help restore harmony to your gut-brain connection.”

About Microbe Formulas: Microbe Formulas is a wellness company and leader in foundational health. With their all-natural ingredients and cutting-edge proprietary technology, Microbe facilitates health journeys, all in the hopes of saying “Welcome to the real you.”

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