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Health Webinar Microbe Live Hosts Innovative Brain Health Specialist on February 16, 2022

  • By Caylie Shelton
  • ·
  • 15 Feb 22

Microbe Formulas Invites Dr. Nick Carruthers to Educate Listeners About Mental Detox

Meridian, Idaho, February 15, 2022 — Health company Microbe Formulas hosts a free weekly webinar called Microbe Live every Wednesday at 1:00 PM MT to showcase a variety of  wellness experts and health topics. In this week’s episode on February 16th, Dr. Nick Carruthers will discuss the importance of mental detoxing in your health journey.

Dr. Carruthers is an integrative medicine physician specializing in human behavior and functional neurology. He is the co-owner of Integrative Wellness Group in Belmar, New Jersey, as well as the Integrative Growth Institute, which focuses on supporting health clinics across the country in leveling up their businesses. Dr. Carruthers sets out to promote the mindset that we can "increase the quality of life through a better brain, body, mind connection."

When Dr. Carruthers spoke at a health conference in October 2021, he said, “To drop a quick truth bomb, emotions aren’t bad, parasites aren’t bad, bacteria isn’t bad, fungi, mold — none of that is bad. We’ve bought into the lie that we need to fight these things, and it is holding us back from helping ourselves and serving our clients. Really what we need to do is create a better relationship with ourselves.”

He added, “Energy flows where attention goes, and we need to put our energy on solutions and not the problems to be able to move us forward.”

Dorothy Dick, Microbe Community Manager and Microbe Live Host, is eager to welcome Dr.  Carruthers to this week’s episode. She shares, “We know that overcoming past trauma and negative thinking can be the puzzle piece people lack in fully optimizing their health and lives. We are excited to have Dr. Nick come and share his expertise in the area of mental detoxing.”

Go to the Microbe website to learn  more and register to attend the weekly health webinar. After registering, you will receive an  email with a link to attend the February 16th webinar and future Microbe Live webinars. If you  are unable to attend the live stream of Dr. Carruthers’ presentation this week, the recording will be available through the Microbe website next week.  

About Microbe Formulas: Microbe Formulas is a wellness company and leader in foundational health. With their all-natural ingredients and cutting-edge proprietary technology, Microbe facilitates health journeys, all in the hopes of saying “Welcome to the real you.”

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