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Intentionally Disruptive Podcast with 100,000 Downloads and Counting!

  • By Caylie Shelton
  • ·
  • 11 Mar 21

Microbe Formulas Partners with Shawnda McNeal to Normalize Important Conversations 

Meridian, Idaho, March 11, 2021— Microbe Formulas, a health company, partners with former radio  personality Shawnda McNeal to produce a podcast encouraging important conversations. McNeal  connects listeners to a variety of guests who have intentionally disruptive stories to share. 

The podcast, Intentionally Disruptive, has already captured over 100,000 downloads across five different  platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. It has also hit #23 on the podcast charts in the  “Self-Help” category. The podcast started releasing episodes in January 2021. Each month, four episodes  are released for a new series. 

January’s series of “Me 2.0: Can I get a Rewrite?” started the podcast off with a bang, covering topics like  career change and leading into deeper conversations like divorce and prison time.  

McNeal says, “It is never too late to reinvent yourself. Live fearlessly! Be okay with failure. But know you  can always bounce back, do things differently, and try again. You got this!” 

February episodes transitioned to conversations around “Unconventional Love Stories,” such as emotional  affairs, extraordinary love journeys, mental illness, and navigating relationships through crisis.  

Intentionally Disruptive continues to point listeners back to the building blocks of wellness. Health  company and podcast sponsor, Microbe Formulas, assists in healing those building blocks through  naturopathic supplements designed to support gut and immune health. Along with this, Microbe Formulas Life Coach Sara Fisk makes an appearance in each episode with “the one thing you need to  know.” 

Ryan Riley, CEO of Microbe Formulas, explains, “One of Microbe Formulas’ core values is to be  intentionally disruptive. We know that Shawnda is in it to change the game and normalize these deep  and important conversations so we can continue our mission to provide resources for overall wellness to  anyone and everyone in need.” 

In March, Intentionally Disruptive jumps to the theme of “#SquadGoals.” This series focuses on the value  of building a community where you can relate to others and feel a strong sense of belonging. 

McNeal says regarding the podcast, “Sometimes things get super deep and sometimes they are light and  funny because life is both!” 

About the Podcast: Shawnda McNeal is a former morning radio/TV host best known for her wild and  loving personality. McNeal connects with a diverse group of guests with intentionally disruptive  perspectives, passions, and stories. The podcast candidly discusses everything from body image,  self-care, wellness, love, life, and more. You can follow the podcast on Instagram @intentionallydisruptive.  

About the Sponsor: Microbe Formulas is a wellness company and leader in foundational health. With their all-natural ingredients and cutting-edge proprietary technology, Microbe facilitates health journeys, all in the hopes of saying “Welcome to the real you.”

For additional information, please contact Caylie Shelton, Public Relations Coordinator, at