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Microbe Formulas 2020 Year in Review

  • By Caylie Shelton
  • ·
  • 18 Dec 20

 A Record Year for Company Growth and Lives Touched

Meridian, Idaho, December X, 2020— Microbe Formulas, a health company, began with two doctors sitting at a table discussing how to provide effective, natural solutions for detox and gut health. Reflecting on their third year in business, founders Dr. Jay Davidson and
Dr. Todd Watts mark 2020 as a record year for company growth, community building, product development, and revenue.

While 2020 was not without its challenges, CEO Ryan Riley believes Microbe Formulas’ success is due to its culture and central mission: Creating solutions that work is what we do. Restoring hope and health is who we are. He explains, “Now, more than ever, people need ways to support their health and look forward with a positive mindset. I love that as a company we step forward and say, ‘Here we are. How can we help?’. It’s absolutely rad to be a part of a mission like that.”


  • 2020 counted 2,484,278 total lives touched. This includes the number of people reached through customer support emails and phone calls, life and health coaching sessions, product shipments, site visitors, and the weekly online Q&A attendees.

  • In 2019, Microbe Formulas reported their first eight-figure year, with an annual revenue growth of 231.59%. They are currently sitting at a 195.42% revenue growth in 2020, with 2.5 weeks remaining in the last quarter. 

  • Microbe Formulas has gone from 28 team members in 2019 to 103 team members in 2020 (a jump of 367.86%). They have also received consistent five star employee ratings on Glassdoor, with feedback such as “easily the best company one could work for.”

  • Partnering with The Community Outreach Behavioral Services (COBS) in Meridian, Idaho, they raised over $30,000 against human trafficking in a project called Fill the Shelves.

  • Microbe Formulas launched three new products and shipped 621,936 bottles of supplements this year.

  • In 2020, Microbe Formulas welcomed 21,564 people into their online community, where support is offered across social media channels.

  • Best-selling products:
    a) Mimosa Pudica Seed, their flagship product for supporting gut health.
    b) TUDCA Plus, which supports essential bile production and digestive health.
    c) BioActive Carbon Biotox, a binder that supports detox and a healthy gut microbiome.
    d) The Full Moon Kit, their #1 selling kit for supporting detox efforts during a full moon.

When asked what his vision for 2021, Riley answers: “Every day, something new and exciting happens here at Microbe Formulas. We are constantly innovating and working to bring the very best to our customers. All I can say is 2021 will be another big and important year for the company. Our expectation is to 10x our growth and number of lives touched in this upcoming year.”

About Microbe Formulas: Microbe Formulas is a wellness company and leader in foundational health. With their all-natural ingredients and cutting-edge proprietary technology, Microbe facilitates health  journeys, all in the hopes of saying “Welcome to the real you.” 

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Shawnda Huffman, Director of Public Relations for Microbe Formulas, at 208-274-8054 or


3 new products 

2,484,278 lives touched 

67 new team members 

Raised over 30,000 against human trafficking 

21,564 joined our community (social media) 

621,936 bottles shipped

Top selling products: mimosa pudica seed, tudca plus, bioactive carbon biotox 

109 1:1 health and life coaching calls
Top selling kit: full moon kit
Top article: mimosa pudica seed challenge